In this industry we love to talk about what to share on Facebook, how to share, and when to share. What we don’t talk enough about is what not to share. It still blows my mind the stuff I see people I know sharing to Facebook. Do they not realize what they’re doing? Do they just not care? Anyway, here are 10 things you should keep to yourself.

1. Extreme views on race – When I say “extreme” don’t pretend you don’t know who you are. Would your views be considered controversial by most people? If so, don’t share them.

2. Photos of extreme partying – Unless you’re a freshman in college nobody wants to you see you passed out. It makes you look foolish. Not a good career move. Just saying…

3. That you hate your job or your boss – Think your boss doesn’t follow you on Facebook? Think again.

4. Relationship drama – Your Facebook friends don’t need a tearful blow-by-blow of your relationship meltdown.

5. Extreme profanity – It’s tacky and makes you seem uneducated to curse every other word on a status update.

6. Pornography – Obviously. Plus, Facebook can delete your account because it’s a violation of their TOS.

7. Dates you’re going out-of-town – Thieves can and do use social media to find targets.

8. Passwords and Financial info – Identity theft is bigger than ever.

9. Smoking marijuana (or other substances) – The country may be getting more liberal about weed but that doesn’t mean your employer is.

10. Candy Crush scores – Just don’t. Please.

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