1NewsHub Is A Powerful Content Curation Tool For Marketers

1newshub: A content curation tool


The team at Convergent1 is proud to announce the recent launch of 1NewsHub. It’s a great resource for marketing professionals for keeping up with the latest news and trends happening in the digital marketing world. It’s an aggregator of the most popular and influential blogs covering all the hot topics like SEO, social media, blogging, content marketing, and even technology news.

All the feeds are presented on a single page for easy viewing and sharing. The site is completely free and our hope is that people find it useful. We originally created 1NewsHub mostly for internal use. A single destination where we could follow all the blogs we like. However, once the site was up and running we thought other people might find it a useful tool so we launched it into a full blown site.

1NewsHub is very much in beta at this point. We will continue to add additional feeds, tweak the layout and design, and many other things. We are very excited to hear feedback so let us know what you think in the comments section.

[alert type=”info” close=”true”]Bloggers interested in having their site added to 1NewsHub can submit it for consideration.[/alert]

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