A company logo is often the first thing that sticks to a consumer’s mind when thinking of a product, brand, or company. Designed to be visually appealing and easy to remember, logos play an important role in business marketing and in maintaining a company identity. A logo is often the most visible representation of a company to its target population; while providing essential information about the company, its core values, and objectives that help consumers identify with the brand. Because of this, a well-designed logo is an integral part of any company’s marketing strategy; one that may even determine its success or failure.

Logo Fail: Do you have a bad logo design?

While logo redesigns can help positively boost business exposure and sales, bad design jobs can do just the opposite, and give you the kind of boost you don’t want. Most mistakes with logo redesigns involve changing a logo so that it becomes totally unrecognizable; removing the most recognizable aspect of a logo, or using a design or color scheme that others may deem offensive- resembling something that is not related to the company or its brand.

3 Major Company Logo Designs in 2015

The previous year saw quite a few companies undergoing changes in their logo design, especially in the area of marketing. Top companies that changed their famous logos include Google, Sbarro, and IHOP: The tech giant, Google, gave its traditional multicolored logo a more streamlined look with a newer, cleaner font, while keeping the color combination that made the logo instantly recognizable for the past 16 years. Moreover, the stand-alone multi-colored “G” has also served as a company identifier in the simplest manner.

Struggling pizza chain Sbarro also did a logo redesign; replacing the flag-like logo of green, red and white, with bold text in front of a triangular shape that resembles a pizza. They successfully used the same color scheme, and came up with a design strategy that many say is, ‘A step in the right direction.’

Finally, IHOP worked with Studio Tilt to create a brand-new logo with a smiley face and sky-blue letters, both of which gives the old chain a brighter, younger, and friendlier look.

Logo designs have never been more relevant than they are today. A creative new spin on an old design can give a company’s overall image a facelift, and serve as a powerful marketing tool for both small and large brands. For professional logo design help, contact Convergent1 today!