5 Basics Steps in Hiring An Advertising Agency

how to hire an advertising agency in 5 steps

Advertising agencies offer a wide variety of services that are tailored to meet their client’s needs and expectations. It is important to keep in mind that agencies range from small, startup businesses to corporate franchises that have huge departments for market research, copywriting, graphic design, account management, etc. If you are a business looking to build your customer base and increase web traffic, you may seek the services of an advertising agency. Here is what to expect:

1. The Initial Meeting

One of the best aspects of hiring an advertising agency is the option to obtain a complimentary consultation, effectively allowing you to try before you buy. Instead of randomly calling businesses, advertising agencies may also directly contact businesses they feel they can help. Agencies keep on top of industry news and information for strategies that have proven to show growth and maintain an updated portfolio of current and past clients as examples of their work.

2. The Pitch

Once an advertising agency has piqued your interest, a meeting with them is the next step. No matter the length, it is their time to show you that they understand your business, have identified what works, and have recommendations on improving what doesn’t.

3. Assessment

Once you choose an advertising agency, they will build on their recommendations and create an assessment of where your business is in terms of:

• Web traffic
• Ad campaigns
• Phone sales
• Email/direct mail
• Customer service
• Many other factors

The assessment will also include the client’s current position in its industry, its competition, and how it stacks up in the target market.

4. Creation of Campaigns

The fourth step is the creation of materials custom designed for your business, which can include but are not limited to:

1. Web design
2. Logo/graphic design
3. Ads for radio, video, and print
4. Direct mail
5. Email campaigns

5. Analytics

Once campaigns have been launched, the advertising agency will closely monitor their performance through a combination of internet tools, landing pages, phone numbers, and other analytical devices. Successful campaigns are built upon, while those that do not perform ROI-wise go back to step 3.

In short, an advertising agency can make a difference and add value to your company, but the most important service is to give your company maximum market exposure while ensuring that your marketing dollars are well spent.

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