5 Social Media Marketing Hacks


We were very impressed with Salman Aslam’s column on Social Media Today and wanted to follow in that spirit. He gave great tips on social media marketing for different networks including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but what about when you need social media marketing hacks in general? Check out our best tips below.

1. Don’t be boring – It may sound apparent, but you’d be surprised with how many business social media accounts post as mundane things as your least favorite friend. These can include intra-office updates, bland well-wishes, and underwhelming headlines, such as “visit our store for great items.” While some products and services are not glamorous, with a little creativity, they can stand out. For example, Essentra’s Pipe Protection isn’t necessarily attention-getting, but the disasters they prevent are.

2. Respond to everything – Even the negative stuff – proportionately. Just earlier this year, a 14 year old girl played a prank on American Airlines, and their reaction was unbecoming and costly to their brand, a mistake which should not be repeated by anyone. On the other side of the spectrum, feel free to shower praise for your business with praise of your own, especially if you personally remember the user. In a great example of this, a Canadian business gained worldwide attention simply by offering a patron with a well behaved child a $5 discount.

3. Go bold – If your business is non-traditional or outside of the box, be sure and incorporate that sentiment into your social media marketing. Odd pictures, funny quotes, and eye-catching headlines can all lead to big following. Take Velveeta as an example. The company simply makes microwaveable block cheese but their bizarre Twitter account is followed by fans of both the product and the “out-there” content.

4. Get listy – Know what the top social media list of 2013 was? It’s so simple, yet so relatable everyone seemed to join in on it: Reasons My Son is Crying. The Tumblr feed caught fire when a dad took pictures and captions in the spirit of the title. Other parents followed suit. While you probably don’t sell products that keep kids from crying, having a list with images and/or text depicting what you actually do and what it prevents can be a great hack, especially if you can add an element of humor to it.

5. Don’t be afraid to know failure – It happens to everyone, a tweet or post that doesn’t quite garner a lot of attention. But what is far worse is a post that gets the wrong attention, which can result in your brand not being taken seriously or being cast in a negative light as rude, untrustworthy, or even unlawful. To get a better idea of where to find posts that went wrong, check the archives of the Twitter Fail Blog.

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