7 Favorite WordPress Plugins Used by Convergent1


What would a WordPress website be without plugins? Well, it would still be great, but there are tens of thousands of plugins that extend the capabilities of WordPress to make it do almost anything you can image. In short – they make it truly awesome! Out of that large group, there are a few which stand out for their capabilities, ease of use, and integration methods. We at Convergent1 have a few that we prefer above all others. These plugins have worked well for us over the last few years to help deliver outstanding internet presence for our clients. So in no particular order, these are our favorites:

Visual Composer

Author: WPBakery
Visual Composer has almost single–handedly made individual web pages be anything you want them to be. You can now let your designers’ imaginations run wild. You can satisfy your marketers’ requirements for user interaction and information management, your designer’s need to place that photo or icon just so, and your programmer’s need to use that particular script, all at the same time! But it’s user-friendly enough that it can be used by novices.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Author: Joost de Valk
With the importance on-page content and tag optimization to SEO, I cannot imagine going a day without this mega plugin. Control everything from site-wide page title settings to the appearance of single pages in  XML sitemaps. Plus, get page-by-page analysis with easy-to-understand scoring. Green – good, red – bad. Clouds – up, land – down, etc.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Authors: Backup with UpdraftPlus, David Anderson
With the average website being pelted by constant hacking attempts, day in and day out, having a backup plan is imperative. Having a recent site backup is the easiest way to ensure peace of mind. UpdraftPlus can create a backup of your web files, database and plugins and save them to a remote location. Thus if your primary website ever goes down, or if you should need to remove your web files after a hacker attack, you’ll always have something to fall back on. As an added benefit, this plugin helps with migrating websites from one server to another.


Authors: Jonathan Davis, Barry, Clifton Griffin, jdillick, Lorenzo Orlando Caum, chaoix
Setting up Ecommerce websites is never going to be easy, but Shopp removes a lot of the pain and hassle with its plugin. What sets this apart from other popular plugins is that it doesn’t require specialized themes and most of the features work right out of the box. You don’t have to pay extra to get common functionality that should always be included. And if you need extra muscle for large websites or client requirements, Shopp is powerful enough to handle it. Did we mention you don’t need special themes for it?

LayerSlider Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

Author: kreatura
It used to be that having an image slider on your website meant just that – a simple image slider. LayerSlider can almost literally dance circles around photo sliders of yore, with the ability to add almost any kind of animation you can imagine. The complex cube assembly on our own website’s home page (2nd slide) was created with LayerSlider. This simply would not have been possible a short time ago, and still isn’t with most other slider plugins.

W3 Total Cache

Author: Frederick Townes
Don’t be scared by terms like caching, minification or CDN. This plugin can be hugely beneficial to any website even if you just set it and forget it. Every website we create incorporates W3 Total Cache to some degree. And we see immediate benefit to page load times – which of course, comes with a slew of secondary benefits, such as improved SEO, user retention, click-through rates and ultimately, conversion.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Author: appscreo
Do you want your readers to easily share your content on their favorite social networks? Look no further than the Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress! They are very customizable and support 18 major social media sites.



If you would like to use any of these plugins, feel free to use Convergent1’s favorites account at WordPress.org. From inside your WordPress website’s admin area, simply go to

Plugins > Add New > Favorites

and use our WordPress.org username: convergent1. Then click on Get Favorites and you’ll be presented with the plugins that are available through WordPress. A couple on our list won’t be available because they must be purchased through Code Canyon. But they’re worth every penny.

As always, if you need any help with creating a world-class, award-winning website, don’t hesitate to call Convergent1 at 713-690-0707 or fill out the adjacent contact form.


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