Benefits Of Hosting On a Dedicated Server

commercial website best hosted on dedicated server

A brief online search will provide you with details about innumerous free web hosting services. However, most of them do not allow their users to use specific domain names. These hosts are suitable for individuals who want to host their personal website and do not want to spend money for it. If you want to launch your business website, it is better to opt for a professional hosting service that allows you to use specific domain names. Apart from looking professional, these webhosts typically have an uptime of 99.99%. You have two choices of servers when signing up with a professional web hosting company.

1) Shared servers
2) Dedicated servers

Shared servers allow different businesses to share hosting space on a single server. The hosting company allocates different partitions of the hard drive of these servers to different clients. Though this option is cheaper, it comes with security risks. If a professional hacker signs up for a shared server account, he can easily gain access to the root of the hard drive, decrypt the password allocated to other persons on the same drive, and gain access to their databases. Can you realize the danger this can pose for your clients? The hacker can access private information like credit card details of your clients.

You can avoid such security related issues by opting for a dedicated server. Apart from this, you get many other benefits by opting for a dedicated server.

• The server runs at optimum speed, since it does not share bandwidth with other users.
• You can configure it with software as per your requirements.
• Chances of security breaches are minimal, since only you have access to the server.
• You have the option of changing the configuration of the server to keep pace as and when your business grows. This includes additional processors, disk space, and RAM.
• Unlike shared hosting sites where a single IP is shared with other users, you get a unique IP address.
• You need not worry about server crashes… an issue typically faced by users of shared servers, where excessive traffic generated by one of its users can cause the server to crash.
• Priority 24/7 support staff to help you if you face any problem. This means that the support staff will give top priority to you than to customers using their shared servers.
• You have root access to the server. This allows you to install programs and allows you identify problems like security breach attempts, and correct them before they can harm your website.

Most businesses avoid dedicated servers because they believe that such a service is priced beyond their reach. However, this is not the case. The charges for dedicated web hosting depend upon your requirements, the bandwidth, and the configuration of the server. You can purchase an entry level dedicated web hosting server at reasonable prices. You can upgrade its configurations when your business grows. Prevent hackers from attacking your website and gaining access to the private information of your clients. Ensure that your clients face no bottleneck while accessing your online store by opting for a dedicated server today.

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