Apple Working With Shazam On Song-Discovery Feature For iPhone

Apple works with Shazam

Word on the street is that Apple is working with Shazam Entertainment on a song-discovery feature for iPhones and iPads. The song-discovery engine will be released as part of a future iOS update and be integrated into the software the way Twitter is.

More from Bloomberg:

The song-identification feature will be integrated into the mobile software in the same way that Twitter Inc. (TWTR)’s service is currently incorporated, meaning consumers don’t need to separately download it. Among the ways it can be used will be through Apple’s voice-activated search feature, Siri. An iPhone user will be able to say something like “what song is playing,” to find out the tune’s details, one person said.

That sounds like a great feature. Having to open the Shazam app to identify a song is a hassle and I typically don’t bother. Having song-identification integrated into the iPhone will be much more convenient.

[highlight4]What do you think about this? Does this sound like a feature you would use?  Let us know in the comments.[/highlight4]

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