Are You Still Paying for AOL?


It has recently been revealed that some AOL dial-up subscribers have been paying an average of $20 per month for this service, even though many of them may not need to. With the emergence of broadband internet, the number of dial-up subscribers has been declining steadily; however, it has been estimated that more than two million customers are still registered with the AOL service. I recently had a talk with my grandmother about her AOL service—which she was still paying for. Thankfully, she isn’t anymore.

Some subscribers may still need the dial-up service due to the fact that they live in regions that are rural or lightly populated where dial-up is virtually the only internet option. However, many of AOL’s customers who do not fall into this category may be paying for unused accounts which they’ve forgotten about.

Some customers are paying for their AOL connections because they have an email account with AOL; however, many of them still don’t realize that they can have AOL email accounts for free without a paid subscription.

If you used AOL dial-up service in the past, or you have an AOL email account, you should check your credit card statements to see if there are any charges on there for this service.

If you have more than one internet subscription, you may not need your AOL connection, in which case, you can cancel your AOL account and save yourself some money. However, if you only have the AOL subscription, don’t cancel it until you have checked to see whether there is a faster, better internet service provider in your area. If so, you can switch to it and cancel the AOL subscription.

Canceling your AOL account may not be easy, especially if you are dealing with a customer service representative who is trying to persuade you to keep the account. The easiest way to cancel your account would be to send a letter to AOL informing them you want to close the account. Or, just be firm with the person on the phone. And if you need someone to help- let me know. Just kidding…

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