Case Study: Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies


Convergent1 is proud to announce the revamp of  Formerly MSI Pipe Protection Technologies, Essentra Pipe Protection is a leading international supplier of specialty plastic, fiber, foam, and packaging components. Convergent1 is Houston’s premiere internet presence management company and was an essential part of the rebranding efforts at Essentra.

Not only does the new Essentra website have a modern look, it is easy to navigate. Convergent1 designed the site with mobile visitors in mind.  By using responsive web design (RWD), the site is able to be viewed just as easily on smart phones and tablets.

The name Essentra was chosen because it is reflective of the millions of small components that are necessary to the function of the company’s clients and the new website showcases all of those elements. The website’s homepage contains clean graphics and a brief YouTube video about their pipe protection products.   Some of the features on the Essentra website include sample product request forms, online brochures, and access to the company’s social media pages.

We invite you to visit the new Essentra Pipe Protection website to see an example of how Convergent1 can help with your responsive web design, rebranding, and marketing needs.  Feel free to fill out the adjacent contact form or call us at 713-690-0707 for more information.

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