Content Marketing

Developing compeling information that matches the needs of your customers is essential to any marketing campaign.

content tells a story

The single most significant marketing commitment is to continually place high quality and relevant content that is carefully developedcontent online.  Online content appears throughout the world wide web.  Content placement should be directed to the following locations:

  1. Search Engines
    1. Google
    2. You Tube
    3. Bing/Yahoo
    4. Others

  2. Information Websites
    1. Blog Article Pages or Websites
    2. Chat Forums
    3. eBooks
    4. Technical Information Pages or Websites

  3. Social Media Networks
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter
    4. Others

  4. Information Directories or Citations
    1. General Information Source Databases or Catelogs
    2. Review Information Databases
    3. Industry Specific Information Sources

  5. News Sources

  6. Industry Sources

  7. Government Sources

  8. General Information Sources

All successful content marketing campaigns include several essential components. However, it starts with professional subject matter experts who research and develop content based upon our client’s communication objectives.

Our experts understand how effective content systematically tells a story that starts with your customer’s problem.  Likewise, we keep your messaging intact via website pages and/or posted articles. Why do we do this? It ultimately positions you as a guide with the appropriate resources and solutions to resolve their issues.

Overall, your goal should be to encourage customers to engage with your content. This occurs when “Calls To Action” or statements designed to get an immediate response are strategically placed within your website. You can also engage users through using imagery, infographics, and videos in your content.