The Delicate Balance of Strong Link Building

There are so many considerations to make when strategizing SEO as well as monitoring it and deciding if correction or adaptation is warranted; and, if so, what that would entail.

This is true under the calmest of business and internet conditions, which are generally known to be in a state of flux or progression (but not necessarily confusion, though it can appear that way).

Variations in search engine results during September 2012 have been very up and down and all around.

It has to do with much more than link building; but that is the focus of this discussion.

September 2012 Trends

1. New local listings are being incorporated rapidly

2. Link building tactics are at least partially causing somewhat random keywords to rank in searches

3. Sites are being penalized for having the wrong links (whether aware of them or not)

Contending with Algorithms

There are many different algorithms to contend with, many of which are being adjusted frequently. Good content remains the key to rank for all through all these fluctuations. There are many aspects of a website that are important through this. The design (including color, layout, and ease of navigation) as well as images, video, and social media as well as all the technical aspects of the various types of tags, keyword saturation, and more.

Through it all, content is key. Each website page has content as does social media. Even the tags have their own content

Marketing Strategy Decisions

Marketing strategy decisions should be made only after careful considerations. Everything should not be based on combating the latest algorithm change. These changes are not necessarily your enemy, especially if you are only employing white-hat SEO practices.

Google Local Search Additions

New local search listings can have a positive or negative effect on your website’s rankings; however, links that contain your name, address, phone number (coming from websites with good value) will help your website rise in the local search rankings.

Traditional link building methods have been attacked hard in September by the Google web spam team as Google updates have been zeroing in on linking schemes and devaluing them as well as the websites they are linking to. Google is aggressively reviewing any link that does not seem like a natural or editorial link. Google then decides if the link is positive, negative, or ignorable.

New Link Building Methods

Exact match linking is now baffling many experts. It seems it would be natural to have links with text that exactly matches the keywords you want to rank for. However, all links should not be done this way. It becomes a type of keyword saturation. Partial match branded links are one of the methods rising in validity to help strike the balance needed in today’s world of SEO; and, the reason is because Google loves brands.

Inadvertent Keyword Marketing

Inadvertent keyword marketing through back linking gets the approval of Google.

Linking your website with a long phrase of words that includes your exact keyword phrases may just bring back your smile. By linking this way, you are marketing for more keywords than you have technically targeted and you just may gain more traffic from more sources, as well.

No One Single Answer or Method, Except

There is not a one-size-fits-all single solution to search engine ranking or Internet presence any more than there is only one consideration to be made when assessing a website or a website’s Internet presence. Websites, situation, and goals vary along with the business and Internet environments.

The formula to create the solution is consistent, however. A professional Strategic Advisor for the Internet assesses each website and situation carefully while giving proper consideration to the business and Internet environments. Goals must be considered, and often created. Then the methods, rules, strategies, and tools can be chosen, implemented, and monitored.

If you feel you have been hurt by the latest Google Panda & Penguin updates, are dissatisfied with your current SEO services, or if you have never had SEO but are ready to start, contact Convergent1 and let us provide you with a free evaluation of your website, including suggested strategies for on-page optimization and improved Internet Presence Management.

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