2016 will be a year of big digital marketing developments. Social, mobile, content, and ad optimization will continue to reign supreme. Influencer marketing is likely to explode in 2016. Omni channel marketing will no longer be an option but a requirement. Digital marketing automation will take center stage in 2016.

The new normal in 2016 will be social sites with buy buttons and payment messaging. People will be able to buy on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, tell friends what they bought, and post the purchase details to their profile.

Social in 2016

Facebook is going nowhere. It will continue to reign in 2016. Launch of Facebook’s search engine will likely cement the dominance of this social network.

Snapchat is also here to stay. It will not only play an important role in 2016 US presidential elections, but will greatly influence internet marketing. The relevance of Snapchat will continue to increase because of its ‘real-time’ effect and the fact that it is popular with the younger generation.

Advertising in 2016

The online advertising industry has suffered a major blow because of the different ad blockers that were launched in 2015. Therefore, optimized advertisements will be the buzzword of 2016. These are advertisements that can escape the filters of ad blockers.

Content in 2016

Many businesses will come up with content marketing strategies. Creative content creation that focuses on a target audience will be a basic requirement.

Mobile in 2016

In 2015, Google made mobile-friendliness to be a ranking factor. Mobile will continue to be a big issue going forward. In 2016, mobile commerce transactions are predicted to reach $140 billion. Therefore, a marketer cannot afford to ignore mobile.

Return on Investment

2016 is the year for digital marketers to stop chasing every new social media fad. It is time to move beyond likes, shares, and brand awareness, and think about return on investment (ROI). Online marketing tactics such as optimizing landing pages and email lists might have better ROI than social media.

Final Word

Do not let your savvy competitors get ahead of you in terms of adopting 2016 digital marketing trends. As is usually the case, the earliest adopters benefit more. A savvy digital marketer is always reinventing himself, and he is dedicated to a lifetime of innovation and learning.

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