Factors Affecting the Cost of Web Design

cost of web design

Ever wonder why a company may try to cut corners in certain areas like web design? It’s because every business must adhere to budgets if they wish to survive. However, skimping on having a proper website can be disastrous. The money spent in this area will pay for itself countless times over, but only when an effective website is the result. So, what factors play a role in web design costs, and why are they of importance? Read on!

Search Engine Optimization

Though a company can have an amazing website, it’s still possible they won’t see the desired traffic if the target audience cannot find their site. This is where search engine optimization, or SEO, comes in. Search engines continuously update their algorithms to ensure they are meeting the needs of site visitors; therefore, the website must reflect these updates. Search engine optimization involves determining which keywords consumers are searching for, and creating code to ensure pages load quickly, among other things. In planning a relevant website and development strategy, SEO is one of the 1st factors that must be considered in cost.


A website needs to be as unique as the business itself. Although a template web design can be used to put a site together, all other elements need to be created to reflect the individuality of the business. Unfortunately, most templates cannot offer this customization factor. Companies should consider investing in this area of their website to ensure customers not only arrive at the site, but stick around to browse what the company uniquely offers. These are only two of countless tasks a web design firm, like Convergent1, takes on when creating a website for a customer.

Responsive Design

Web functionality is everything these days. Individuals now use their mobile devices more frequently than desktops and laptops, yet still use all types of devices to access information, products, and services. For this reason, customers should be able to move smoothly from device to device and obtain the same information. Web design specialists recognize this and take steps to ensure that a site is conducive for all devices. This is referred to as responsive design, and it ensures the site is formatted to the screen of the device on which it is being viewed.


Site visitors want to be able to move seamlessly from one area of a site to another, and the site navigation plays a significant part in how successful they are in doing so. People have a short attention span. If they are unable to find the information they want and need quickly, they will look elsewhere. The web development process should always include a creative strategy for establishing the site navigation, so visitors can find what they are searching for quickly and easily. This is yet another crucial factor that affects web design cost.

These are only a few of the numerous factors that go into determining the cost of website design. Others include content writing, functionality, aesthetics, and social media features. At Convergent1, we’re one of the few Houston web design firms that fully understands these factors and how they come together to create an amazing site that not only draws visitors, but also keeps them coming back. For more information and immediate assistance, contact us at 713-690-0707. We’re honored to help!

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