The Four Functions of Management


To be successful an organization needs to run smoothly to achieve the goals and objectives it has set forth. This is true regardless of the size, age, market share, growth rate, or projected growth rate of the organization. To achieve success there are believed to be four management concepts that allow any organization to handle the tactical, planned, and set decisions.


The first management function is planning, which is essentially determining organizational goals and the means for achieving them. It is the foundation of management upon which all areas of management should be built. It requires business management to assess where the company is and where it should be. Courses of action can be successfully determined, selected, and implemented from this point to attain the company’s goals and objectives.

Planning is an unending course of action as factors constantly affect a company both optimistically and pessimistically. Depending on the conditions, a company may need to alter its course of action in accomplishing certain goals; or, even change or adapt the goals along the way. In strategic planning, management continuously must analyze internal and external factors that may affect the company as well as it’s objectives.


The next management function is organization which is deciding who makes what decisions, what tasks and job duties will be done by whom, and where people are in the hierarchy of the company. Through this process, management determines the inside directorial configuration as well as establishes and maintains relationships.


Leading is the third function, which involves the extremely important aspect of inspiring and motivating people to work hard to achieve organizational goals. Proper leadership allows the staff to achieve the goals of the organization and to accomplish their personal or career goals. These forward progressions are largely powered by a combination of communication, dynamics, leadership, and motivation. Productive working environments are crucial. Building positive interpersonal relationships, problem-solving, and effective communication are all part of successful leadership.


The fourth and final management function is control, which is monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when progress isn’t being made. It includes establishing and following performance standards based on the company’s objectives. The controlling aspect of management includes evaluating and reporting of actual job performance.

All points need to be studied by the management team who compares all aspects of objectives and performance. This study and comparison help management decide whether to stay the course or to shape corrective and preventive actions.

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We continually compare and measure all objectives and performances as well as keep abreast of developments with Google algorithm changes, market trends, and your goals. We analyze all this information to make recommendations regarding staying on course vs. shaping any corrective or preventive actions.

Convergent1 knows the fundamentals of traditional business management; and, we know how they may and may not apply to today’s technologically progressive business platforms which are a growing part of the digital age we find ourselves living in. Our Marketing Action Plan, as well as our Business Recovery Plan, can help any organization get on the path to true success. Let us assess aspects of your business and internet presence.

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