How Microcontent Plays a Role in Digital Marketing


In today’s digital marketing era, brevity really matters a lot. People are busy, and there’s a ton of information to process on an everyday basis. All this makes microcontent extremely relevant and important for digital marketers.

What is Microcontent and Why Does it Matter?

Micro-content, as the name suggests, is short content that has a higher value and impact on the target audience. It comes in the form of short videos, hashtags, photos, and status updates. In recent years, it has become a practical and popular medium to communicate with customers.

Businesses with a clear digital marketing strategy understand the potential of microcontent to connect with customers today. They know customers don’t want to spend too much time on acquiring information. They want useful information, in fewer words, and presented in a visually compelling manner. It is this understanding that’s pushing businesses to rethink their digital content strategy.

How to Create Microcontent

Creating short content for customers may sound simple, but it requires a lot of strategic thinking and planning to communicate the right messages in fewer words. Here are some tips that may come handy:

  • Make sure you post frequently and consistently: Doesn’t mean you should bombard your audience with too much information; just enough to keep them engaged and keep you relevant.
  • One size doesn’t fit all: Think of ways to utilize various social media channels. What works for Twitter may not work for Instagram.
  • Include a call-to-action: It’s not just about sharing great information, it’s also about encouraging your audience to take the next step and respond or interact.
  • Create a content calendar: A content calendar will help you keep a buffer of posts ready, and shape your content strategy.
  • Focus on creating shareable content: The whole idea of microcontent is to spread the word in seconds, so create content that people would want to share.

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