Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide For Social Media Marketing


When designing your social media marketing plan, consider including Instagram as one of your target networks. A lot of companies in Houston have already found it to be an effective platform for their campaigns. You, too, can be just as successful if you employ some of their best practices. Some of these are discussed below:

Post Engaging Content to Capture Attention

Instagram is unique- in that those who join the network are primed to view images and read about them. Marketers have an audience that is prepared to listen to their messages. Every post is a chance to pique the curiosity of people so that they’ll want to learn more about the brand. The posts should contain eye-catching pictures that will make those scrolling through their timelines pause to read the blurb. The text should be short but catchy, followed by relevant hashtags to make it searchable.

Feature Followers and Brand Evangelists

Reward loyal fans by featuring them on the account. Sometimes people will tag a company after having a good experience with their product or service, along with a nice picture that shows them using it. Ask permission to re-post this on Instagram, along with a thank you note. This will make the fans feel appreciated and make others see just how good the company’s offerings are.

Run Fun Contests to Drum up Interest

Finally, run a fun contest for the followers from time to time. Let this coincide with a product launch, or a special event. Ask people to post pictures that follow a certain theme while using the official hashtag. Pick the best submissions for the prizes. These need not be too grand. Lots of people will participate if they find the mechanics easy and the process enjoyable. Social media marketing, after all, is about connecting with the online community to make the business more relatable.

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