Jawbone, Fitbit and the Apple Watch – How Do You Track Fitness?


Fitness trackers are becoming extremely popular since many people are trying to take better care of their health. The Apple Watch has recently been revealed and is the newest technology in fitness trackers to date. However, many are considering its features, and wondering if it offers enough to replace the Jawbone or Fitbit trackers.

There are several differences to note when comparing these three devices. For those looking for a device that does more than just track fitness, the Apple is the obvious choice. It allows its users to open apps and do things beyond just fitness tracking.


The Apple is designed completely different than the Fitbit or Jawbone, as it’s made to be used like an all-around watch appropriate for any time of day. The Fitbit Flex is sleek and simple. Although it has no display, it does have LED lights, which allow its user to track their progress. The Jawbone’s design is also simple though its shape is more modern than the Fitbit. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t show user progress, as do the other two.

Tracking Abilities

These three devices are all able to track movement, such as distance and steps taken. The Apple and the Fitbit and Jawbone are able to track heart rate. The Fitbit Flex is also incapable of tracking calories burned, although the other two can. The Apple watch is heads and shoulders above the others since it can use the IPhone’s sensors, like the GPS; as well as offering all the features available for fitness tracking.


Across the board, the Apple Watch is obviously the more comprehensive fitness tracker; although it was made to attract a different market than the Jawbone or Fitbit user. Needless to say, the Apple watch is also much more expensive than the others due to the features and options it offers its users. The Apple starts at approximately $350 while the Fitbit Flex runs around $100, and the Jawbone UP24’s average price is around $80. Overall, as smart technology continues to change and upgrade for each device, prices continue to vary as well, based on the features that each user prefers.

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