The Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

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From the prominence of the digital marketplace and the formation, growth, and interest in cryptocurrency, to cleaver social media marketing strategies, the world has quickly become a digital and social one. For businesses of any size to gain a toehold in this digitized world, social networking and media marketing is key. From the way that visitors search the Internet, to search results, and how they interact with the information they find, businesses need to keep on top of what 2018 will bring in terms of popular trends in social media marketing. Businesses looking to harness the power of an effective social media platform sometimes need outside help. Professional marketing firms, like Houston’s Convergent1, can help businesses attract clientele and increase lead generation.

Houston’s Convergent1 Smart Marketing

When it comes to marketing and advertising, social networking can be a complex and multi-faceted aspect that many businesses struggle to implement, understand, and maintain. The rise of social networks across the world has revealed it as a crucial aspect of marketing that cannot be underestimated. Like most marketing firms, we at Convergent1 are up to date on the latest and greatest of all social media marketing platforms, and we’re experts at helping businesses incorporate which ones are best utilized for their chosen niche and industry. From page design to content management, any Houston business can benefit from bringing Convergent1 into the fold when it comes to planning and executing a powerful social media networking strategy.

Marketing Trends for 2018

Video Content

One common agreement across a variety of sources is that video content is rapidly expanding as the primary social media growth for 2018. Instagram and Facebook have both seen the writing on the wall and have launched new features involving video content. The way Internet surfers search is also becoming heavily reliant on video posts. People are no longer satisfied with just reading their search results on a page; more and more, they are looking for videos, webinars, and podcasts to answer their questions.


When it comes to customer service and relation management, instant messaging is integral to communicating with potential customers. ChatBots enable real-time interactions so customers can get an instant response to their inquiries. Instant messaging apps are on the rise with Facebook and Whatsapp gaining steam as the chosen way for millions to interact.

When it comes to social media marketing, the trends noted above are just a few of the top-rated strategies being applied today; and all of them are designed so that small and mid-sized businesses are able to compete. Implementing a strong social networking platform is an effective means of gaining a competitive edge in the digital marketplace that now dominates. To connect your Houston business with Convergent1, call tel:713-690-0707.

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