When asked about what they expect to accomplish with their social media marketing program, most people will answer with some generality such as “greater market penetration” or “increased sales”. Yet these are goals which, however laudable they may be in isolation, do not contribute much towards the conversation in terms of mapping out a strategy for attaining these desirable objectives.

Given the rather complex nature of any well-thought-out SEO strategy, as well as its deep dedication to statistical probabilities and jargon-laden spreadsheets, most companies are happy to drop the matter into someone else’s lap and let them figure it out. While paying for brains is an excellent idea in most cases, it is important to make sure that the outside experts being engaged have a proper understanding of all the factors involved before sketching out a coverage proposal.

Many firms are quite knowledgeable in the nuts-and-bolts aspects of SEO. However, they fall short in their ironclad belief in proven methods as a universal nostrum for all that afflicts every client they have. In other words, they plug everyone into the same formula and anticipate the same results. Here at Convergent1, we have a different approach that we refer to as MAP.

MAP, or Marketing Action Planning, starts with a thorough examination of our client’s current overall situation, with a particular emphasis being placed upon whatever website or email marketing effort has already been undertaken. This step is critical to casting a successful new campaign. After all, most marketing efforts are in the same vein as exploring an oil field.

A certain amount of effort has to be expended in selecting the proper location and getting a well drilled into the field. At that point, and assuming that everything goes along properly, oil will come out of the ground. At first, it will be but a trickle but will suddenly morph into a gusher that produces fabulous returns. Eventually however, this massive glut will slow down to a steady but dependable producer for years to come.

Knowing which fields have already been explored and which holes have already been drilled in previous marketing efforts allows Convergent1 to predict which efforts may no longer be viable options. Much of the value may have been sucked out of the area already. While there are still customers to be serviced in such a region, they have already been contacted and utilized to some degree that may make any additional expenditure unwise.

Conversely, however, it may also prove to be the case that a previous SEO campaign tapped into a very promising pocket but was so improperly handled by a previous agency as to represent a large waste of resources that yielded little result. Taking a fresh crack at it may well be warranted. The point is simply that MAP starts with a thorough, no-cost examination of a client’s situation as it exists today. It then uses that information to target the best possible avenues of attack. Some of these are not the ones expected of those who play by a set of rules that benefit no one except the hidebound copyist. MAP can point the way to far superior SEO and social media marketing results.

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