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02. Online Marketing

Customers today suffer from infobesity, or information overload. Each day we are deluged with more information than we can possibly process. Effective advertising must be bold and compelling enough to break through. Once attention is captured, advertising must deliver a message that reinforces your value proposition, create a favorable impression and prompt a response. We at Convergent1 have extensive experience developing messages that are strategically formulated to consistently resonate with customers. All driven by a strategic plan, our creative staff excels in translating those messages into compelling advertisements for any media. We are also successful at planning and negotiating, delivering real value in terms of improved efficiencies, placement and overall exposure. Convergent1 approaches advertising with the same strategic discipline that we do all marketing functions.

We know that advertising takes place on multiple levels these days. Gone are the days when we could merely negotiate with publishers for frequency rates and position. Today our ad planners are working on total merchandising packages that includes not only print, but digital and event marketing as well. Creativity is an important component in advertising but it’s not enough to succeed on its own. You have to make sure you’re delivering the right message to the right demographic with a significant share-of-voice. Never before has it been so quick and easy to analyze advertising ROI and understand its value to the marketing program.

Convergent1 works with companies to assure their advertising dollars are invested with the right vehicles and with budgets big enough to educate, not saturate. One of our clients with manufacturing capabilities that span a variety of raw materials asked us to devise a plan to reach a diverse audience of decision makers of manufacturing companies. We found just the right people using various in-flight publications through the airlines, and coupled with a Google Ad Words campaign, the client’s phone started ringing off the hook and the sales started ringing up as well.