Top 3 SEO Trends To Watch In 2016


Regarding recent developments in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Houston, as well as other parts of the world, have not been left out. The SEO industry has seen plenty of exciting developments, and the end of the year is just around the corner; so all eyes are on 2016.

Video Overtakes Written Content

Written content has long been at the base of SEO. In 2016, trends will shift, and video will overtake written content in terms of effectiveness, reach, engagement, and ROI. The use of video does encourage interaction and user engagement with a brand, and this explains why so many video apps have flourished over the last few years. Some search engine companies are already experimenting with video ads incorporated into search results. Users are shifting expectations towards more interactive and visual content.

The Rise of Mobile Optimization

The ever increasing use of mobile has shifted the dynamics of SEO as well. For the first time in history, more people are using mobile devices for searches as compared to the desktop. The shift will continue in 2016, making mobile traffic searches more important than desktop traffic. Mobile users are growing in number, making it difficult to succeed in the online world without mobile optimization. 2016 is likely to see further growth in mobile and app use as portable devices prove to be the perfect tools for user interaction.

Local Searches Will Be More Local

This trend has been a work in progress, but SEO specialists believe it will be all the rage in 2016. The introduction and release of wearable gadgets, and the sophisticated local indexes of some of the top search engines will take local search to a whole new level. You can expect search results to recognize businesses to your street corner, or neighborhood, rather than just your state, city, or region. Search engines will narrow down your searches and make your work easier.

Fresh Update To The Post [March 2021]

Oh yeah, a lot of changes have taken place in the world of SEO since 2016. We all know (at least those who are into search engine optimization) that the search engines update, change and release lots and lots of their algorithms in a single year. Reports have it that Google alone releases an average of 300 new updates per year. That is a lot to follow but we at convergent1 have always strived and will continue to strive to be abreast of the changes.

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