Top 5 Must-Know SEO Services in 2020


Believe it or not, there are still some small to mid-sized businesses that don’t fully understand SEO (search engine optimization). Many business owners may continue to refuse to take advantage of the opportunities that await from marketing their business online. Yet, despite this choice, SEO services remain a crucial component of online success. It is especially crucial for small to mid-sized businesses as it allows them to compete with larger companies. The following article from Convergent1 discusses the top five things companies should know about SEO services in 2020.

1. There Will Be An Increase in Local Voice Search

Voice search or voice-enabled personal assistants such as Siri or Alexa are the next big thing in search engine optimization. To enhance visibility, customers and clients must be able to Google an owner’s business to find local products and services. For convenience, customers will always prefer to search locally so they can avoid making a long drive if possible. From a business perspective, the company will also want to ensure that they are “searchable”. Voice search is much faster, convenient, and safer when people are using their smartphones.

It is important to confirm that your business is registered with local online listings. Your physical address and contact information should be reviewed for accuracy. These are all-important SEO services that businesses will need to be aware of in order to be found locally online. The more directories you are listed on, the more potential there is for your site to be visible to the public. According to an article on Smart Insights, by 2020 about 50% of internet searches will be from a voice-enabled mobile device.

2. Trustworthy Link Building Can Help Yield Higher SEO Rankings

Links are a signal to Google that you are operating a quality site that contains trustworthy content. Marketing professionals and company owners should remember that quality is more important than quantity where inbound links are concerned. They should also focus on linking from sites with high domain authority. More links can often translate into higher online rankings.

Try these techniques:

    1. Guest blogging – can often boost the number of visitors to your site and as a result the number of conversions.
    2. Syndication with trusted publishers – is a method of republishing content on other sites to reach a broader audience.
    3. Improving content – by linking to original articles or references.
    4. Building on a broken link – is a site link that no longer takes the user to the page or article it was supposed to. A savvy marketer may offer a convenient replacement link to their site or link to an article.
    5. Expert opinions and research studies – are also ways to add to your linked content.

For any of these strategies to work, the content must be good enough to earn shares and links. As the website’s visitors increase, the links will build and multiply. Until then, the owner must take a tactical approach to link building. Creating linkable quality content that is valuable and accurate is a guaranteed way to have more links.

3. SEO Services & Tools Pertaining to Competitors

When you know your competitors’ challenges and/or weak spots, there may be ways you can use that to your advantage. Perhaps, your competitors are missing out on popular keywords, or suffer from poor Google My Business (GMB) reviews. Consequently, one bad review can often cause reluctance in customers who might otherwise patronize your company. However, if your business has strong reviews, continue to optimize that strength.

Other things to consider… Is your competitor’s website slow to load, or not user-friendly on mobile devices? Do its customers seem to miss that friendly, welcoming customer-centered approach? Every weakness a competitor has is an opportunity for your business to show itself strongly in a particular area. Finding answers to your customers’ problems and providing relevant solutions for them is the best way to increase SEO. And by using the right kinds of SEO services, it also helps your business move up in search. SEO services include keyword research, content, and search engines that can easily locate your site.

4. Target High-Intent Audience Members

SEO services today focus mainly on undecided users who are still searching for content. For instance, online travel booking has replaced the need to work with actual travel agents. So, an online visitor who is part of a high-intent audience is one who is specifically targeting hotel sites for a room or a house to rent for a much-needed vacation. Fortunately, SEO services that help target these kinds of audiences help them find what and who they need much faster. Business owners and marketing professionals, however, must first recognize what people are looking for during various parts of the customer journey.



Furthermore, making that content available online is a very important step in the process. High-Intent users are actively searching for something very specific. They are often the ones who play a significant role in the decision-making process of purchasing. Using “long tail” keywords target customers that are closer to making a purchase, they also tend to have higher conversion rates.

5. Site Speed and Bounce Rates are Important

A disappointing website that offers an uninteresting user experience is useless to Google. The search engines point visitors to pages that are mobile-optimized, have fast load times and provide useful relevant content. Owners of small- and medium-sized businesses should prioritize site performance, refine content to reduce bounce rates, and guide visitors to relevant pages. Bounce rates are the percentage of visitors who leave a website after only viewing the first page. Bounce rates can be an indicator of lost opportunities and revenue.

Getting SEO Services from Experienced Marketers Matters

Some SEO services can be overwhelming for small companies, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right team in place, your business can stand out above the rest. In fact, businesses in the Greater Houston area can benefit from Convergent1’s marketing expertise. Our years of experience and ability to stay on top of fast-paced marketing trends makes the process easier for our clients. At Convergent1 we can assist with all your marketing needs, including partnering to build a business that remains competitive.

We’re ready to assist you! To schedule a time to discuss your SEO services and various marketing needs, call us at 713-690-0707.

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