Top 5 Visual Internet Marketing Strategies

Top 5 Visual Internet Marketing Strategies

A few years ago, internet marketing was all the rage with every company putting their product promotion campaigns online. This evolution gave life to visual content marketing that has quickly become the most preferred strategy of attracting audiences and promoting products. Today, many businesses have discovered how easy it is for them to improve their bottom line, using professional infographics, images and video. Engagement increases with the production of content that includes eye-catching videos and images. It is therefore important for businesses to improve their visibility online, especially on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

1. Using Engaging Video Content

Commonly referred to as the non-text-web, visual internet marketing is a dominant force to reckon with in content strategy. Research done by Forbes revealed that almost 80 percent of top executives gather information by watching online videos. Almost 64 percent of consumers report that they are more likely to buy products after they have watched a video first. Videos do not require a huge budget. Tools like PicMonkey, Canva, Flipagram, and iMovie can be used to create great brand stories and informational content.

2. Branded Images with Text

These images reflect a business brand’s unique selling points. Effective branded images ought to capture the business’s essence using imagery, color, text, and composition. Combining images and texts is highly effective especially if done through annotating the images, properly captioning keywords to capitalize on social media’s search forms, and exploiting meta-data.

3. Using Infographics


People love informative infographics and are 3 times more likely to share them compared to other forms of visual content used for internet marketing. This is because they compress a lot of informative information into a single medium. They are loaded with graphs, pictures and texts. Infographics offer an excellent platform to simplify entire articles, and still ensure that they pass across all the information intended.

Infographics are effective at catching attention, improving a business’s engagement with its customers or target audience, and increases the chances of the promotional content to score a viral hit. People love infographics because they are annotated. They combine visuals and texts in a way that directly imparts information quickly. All in all, people are attracted to flashy pictures and bright colors.

4. Data Visualizations

Facts statistics and figures can easily bore a business’s target audience. Placing these statistics in a visual format creates a catchy internet marketing campaign. Data visualizations in the form of graphs or diagrams capture and command attention, especially if they use vibrant and bright designs. This strategy is striking and appealing to consumers since it showcases data in an interesting and easy to understand way.

5. Eye-Catching Photographs

Eye-catching photographs allow customers to see products and services offered by a business. Photos create a strong sense of personal connection between the business and its audience. They also influence customers to buy a company’s products.

A business with an excellent internet marketing strategy, that utilizes visual content, usually makes more sales. This is because they easily connect with their target audience by capturing and maintaining attention to their content.

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