Is Your Website Design Optimized for the Holidays?

website design for holidays

The holiday season is a vital time of year for most businesses, and an updated responsive website design can always add sweet icing on the Yule Log cake! Not only should website designs be ready for the winter giving season, but also for events such as Valentine’s Day, Independence Day, and other ethnic and religious holidays that may cause consumers to seek the goods and services they need.

At marketing firms, like Houston’s Convergent1, professional strategists enjoy coming together to work with businesses to ensure that site designs are responsive and temporarily updated and optimized for those special times of year. Thus, to get the most out of your website during any holiday season, Convergent1 Smart Marketing recommends the following:

Optimize Your Website

Optimization doesn’t mean making major changes to your website design right before a holiday season. Rather, it means making sure that you make the most of what you have. Not only should you make sure that your website is easy to navigate on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, you should also incorporate holiday themes and deals to entice customers. Check how your website runs on your mobile devices. If it’s slow, you need some tweaks to your website design.

Special sales and promotions are also particularly important as they provide value to your customers, and provide a reason for them to keep returning. Make sure that you run them far enough in advance of the holiday at hand so that shipments and service dates will reach your customers in time.

Strengthen Security & Server Capacity

Online security is a prime consideration for shoppers today. If you haven’t done a recent security update, do it now. Any holiday is prime time for identity thieves to steal credit card and other information. Keeping your site secure is a number one priority.

Making sure your potential customers have positive experiences on your website is another important consideration. If it’s slow or unresponsive, they’ll go somewhere else. Test your website by exhausting it to make sure it can handle the spike in traffic that the next holiday season will bring. If it fails, you’ll need to increase bandwidth, so it can handle additional visitors. Convergent1 can help with simple and/or complex updates needed to your site. See our simple service process.

Add Online Staff & Anticipate Problems

Additional traffic means additional questions; and, while you don’t want to think about it, additional problems. Make sure that you have enough personnel to handle processing of all orders, as well as questions and possible unforeseen problems.

If your Houston business website design needs some last-minute updates, or you’re considering getting a significant jump-start on all your web update needs for 2018, connect with Convergent1 today at 713-690-0707.

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