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Online user experience is everything in today’s technical world. You have less than five seconds to connect with anyone that visits your business online. That’s why your website design, and all that comes with it, must be intuitive, responsive, and interactive; it must give the visitor exactly what they’re searching for. Part of cultivating the right user experience is crafting precise brand messaging with complementary images and graphics that directly connect with users.

A D-I-Y website design service or cookie-cutter programming cannot craft this level of branding or user experience or user interface or user experience (UI/UX). It takes a professional marketing firm with experienced designers and programmers to make this happen. Here are 5 important things you should know:

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When Will Users Consider a Website Design to be Old or Outdated?

If your website hasn’t been updated within the last 18 months, you’re already lagging behind the industry competition. Users will consider a site outdated if they don’t see any new content or supportive messaging and improved “facelifts” after 2 years. New features, videos, and interactive information all offer a few ways to keep visitors coming back to a site.

How Do I Keep Users Coming Back to My Website?

To gain repeat visitors who interact with your page, your website designs should be aesthetically pleasing and interactive. You have to give visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site or to encourage them to tell others about your business. Regardless of your industry, your website can hold a unique niche with users when it continues to captivate, connect, and provides them with effective solutions. 

Fresh content publications are another valued asset to keeping visitors coming to your site. When companies start blogging regularly, Google begins picking it up organically. Blogging also positions you as an industry authority and information source for customers to gain insight and resources that help improve their work and personal lives.

What is a Comprehensive Website Design?

Our goal at Convergent1 is to build an impactful and responsive website that will help current and potential customers find and connect with you. Ultimately, comprehensive designs can provide the highest level of online marketing available. How so? Through full content optimization, well-crafted brand messaging, creative imagery, interactive graphics, and videos throughout the site.

It’s the best way for business owners to be seen, heard, and considered by users. In other words, you get your brand message out, make the right connections, and experience the business growth and ROI goals that you’ve always dreamed of. 

How Important is Website Design Originality?

Website designs need to be original and fresh content is necessary. Even when using a popular template, your site should have distinguishing features. After all, no one wants their website to look or have the same functionality and features as the millions of other sites out there! 

Any Future Web Design Trends to Look Out For?

Absolutely! Some exciting trends are forthcoming in the next decade that businesses can use to help propel their digital marketing efforts. Above all, website designs will always need to provide a great user experience(UX) and remain functionally responsive on all digital platforms. Additional trends include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Bolder color choices
  • Rich animation features
  • More 3-D effects
  • Online video productions
  • Motion graphics
  • And much more!


Improving Your Website Design & Responsive Multi-Platform Functionality

On top of business websites
providing a user-friendly experience and making an immediate connection
today’s website must be compatible with all devices. This includes available
responsiveness and user-friendliness on smartphones, tablets, notebooks, etc. 
Graphics should be just as visually appealing on a desktop as they are on an
iPhone or Android. 

Multi-platform mobile development allows a program to be responsive and compatible with

multiple mobile platforms. For example, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile,etc. 

Here are some fun facts regarding the use of mobile and voice-activated devices:

  • 55% of households are expected to own smart speaker devices by 2020
  • 65% of 25 to 49-year-olds will use their voice-enabled assistants on devices at least once per day
  • 50% of all internet searches will be performed on a voice-enabled device by 2020

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