What is “Facebook Moments” and Why Should You Care About It?


Facebook is rolling out a new app called Facebook Moments, and it’s time to start getting excited. The service has experienced several changes over the years, but the one thing that Facebook hasn’t done often is spin off new applications. In fact, the company only recently spun off its Chat service into an app separate from the main media application. Since Facebook is taking the time to create something new on a stand-alone platform, that should be enough to peak the curiosity of those who pay attention to the next big trends in social media.

It’s best to think of Facebook Moments as the photo version of Facebook’s tag recommendations. When you place a status on Facebook, the social media site will suggest people to tag. With Moments, a facial recognition app, using that same principle, will identify those in your photos and allow you to share images with them quickly and privately. Imagine being able to take a picture and have the application be able to automatically identify with whom the picture was taken and share that picture. Moments automates the process of sharing images; making sure that every person in a picture gets a chance to see it.

Of course, it’s hard to predict exactly how well this particular social media app is going to work, and exactly how Facebook will use the information that it gathers. However, what is exciting, is what the app will mean for sharing visual content. This may open up an entirely new world for those who love to take pictures, and will certainly enhance Facebook’s ability to compete with other photo sharing apps. Moments is exciting as a product on its own, yet the ideas that it brings to the table will make the real difference.

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