Why You Need a Dedicated Hosting Server


An Internet-connected computer that is set aside for one specific website or customer, is called a dedicated hosting server. There are many hosting options available and you may need to explore them all as your business grows. There is no single factor that determines whether you are ready for dedicated web hosting or not, but rather, a series of aspects that will dictate why you need a dedicated hosting server in Houston.

High Traffic Sites

When your website grows to an extent where you are receiving high volumes of traffic on a daily basis, shared hosting will not be enough to keep your site performing at its optimum best. Dedicated servers have the capacity and database storage to handle such high volumes on a consistent basis.

Large E-Commerce Websites

If you are running a business that is predominantly online, you can’t afford to have any downtime, especially during an influx of high traffic. Don’t leave it to chance with shared hosting; rather use dedicated hosting that you can consistently depend on.

Agencies that Have High Profile Clients

Professionals that post their videos online so that fans can stream them, need a dedicated server. These actors, musical artists etc., need to have a platform that they can handle high traffic message exchange and remain up 24/7. High performing servers also lend to their public credibility.

Shared hosting is suitable for people who have small businesses and don’t receive high traffic volumes. It is also great for non-business websites, such as personal blog sites that people create as a hobby. However, if you are running an online business you cannot afford to worry about bandwidth, disk space, and RAM. And thanks to the many dedicated hosting services out there, you won’t have to.

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