Why You Need A Responsive Website


Web browsing has been taken over by tablets and smartphones.  Individuals who used to access the Internet on desktop computers are now standing in line at the department store, drinking coffee in cafes, and sitting on the couch watching television, while they search for information. Therefore, the content and layout on your website must be compatible with viewing on mobile platforms.  A responsive website design requires a single website coded to adjust to each screen size, regardless of the device being used.

A responsive website enables the seamless adjustment of web pages.  There is no need to create numerous versions, and the visitor will have hassle-free browsing.  Below are other reasons for having a responsive website design:

  • It is preferred by Google and as such, your site will be boosted in organic search results.
  • It enables faster load times, which will help you to keep as much as 50 percent of web traffic.
  • It facilitates growth, as more and more members of this tech-savvy generation will gravitate toward your website.
  • It lowers bounce rate, which means prospective customers will stay on the site longer.  Without responsive technology, visitors could find the website unsightly, and they will no longer search your site for business.
  • It allows you to focus your attention on a single digital marketing campaign.  This will help you to save marketing dollars.  Additionally, a single URL enables you to build a good reputation on Google for a single site, and it boosts social shares as well.
  • It makes visitors happy.  Research has indicated a boost of between 20 and 24 percent in click-through rates when compared to mobile or traditional versions.

If you are yet to convert your website to a responsive design, you could very well be losing valuable web traffic.  Additionally, your growth could significantly increase by making this vital change. For expert help on making this change to your website, contact Convergent1 today!

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