Why Your Social Media Presence Matters

Understand the important of social media marketing.

Today social media is much more than personally reconnecting with old friends and sharing vacation pictures.  While it is still a great personal social outlet, social media has become a vital part of a successful business marketing action plan, or as we at Convergent1 call it, MAP™.

Social media marketing is imperative in today's market.

The Breakdown: Why Social Media Matters

The proper use of social media marketing can only serve to improve your marketing efforts. While half of all small businesses are still not on social media, you don’t have to follow their lead.  Instead, you can utilize the social culture we live in to drive your business and take advantage of their absence.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Brand Loyalty.  It’s a simple fact: your target audience is online.  When your business jumps into social media, you will suddenly have access to a bigger audience.   Your social media presence will make it much easier for existing and potential clients to find you.  When current and potential customers follow you, your posts will remind them of you, so your brand will be the first they think of when they next need your service. In fact, 53% of social media users have said they are loyal to the brands that they follow.  That’s HUGE!

Search Engine Optimization.  If you do a quick Google search for any major brand, you will generally find that the social media accounts for the brand come up first, often before a website.  Google looks at your social media presence when determining your search results rank, in fact, it has become a bigger part of the algorithm when determining page rank so a social media presence is vital to your overall SEO strategy.

In addition to boosting search engine page rank, your social media is a great way to link back to your site.  Backlinks are important to search rankings and posting links to your site on your social media is an easy way to do just that.

Driving Traffic to your Site.  Since we mentioned backlinks, it’s a good time to mention that your social media presence can drive people to your website.  If you have been trying to use search engines to drive traffic to your site you may have become frustrated by the traffic, or lack thereof.  When you direct people to your site from social media through backlinks, you are opening up a whole new source for web traffic.

Conversions. Social media marketing is a sales tool and is a great way to get those business-boosting conversions.  Every time you post a blog or a link you are attempting to gain the interest of your audience so they’ll take a look at your site.  Not every post you make on your social media will result in a conversion, but you are increasing your exposure so your chances of converting are higher than they are without any social media at all!

As you can see, there are so many reasons to embrace social media for your business.  If you have been hesitant or haven’t seen the value, you are not alone.  But, now that you know better it is time to do better.  If you are uncertain how to make the most of your social media presence, Convergent1 can help!  Convergent1 has extensive knowledge of social media marketing, strategy development, and can help jumpstart this new form of engagement to drive your business to new heights, especially during the Covid-19 crisis.  Contact us today to and receive a free consult, production quote, and ROI estimate!

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