Why Yuccies Matter to Marketing?


At a time when general and digital marketing is trending online, it’s good to know that Young Urban Creatives- also called Yuccies- are paying attention; because these young consumers buy a lot of innovative products. In fact, the so-called “Yuccie Revolution” is taking the Internet by storm, as they are really into online shopping and services. According to online economists, while a Yuccie is said to be neither Yuppie nor Hipster, he or she is a young professional with lots of buying power.

Yuccies have real online buying power…

Another aspect of why Yuccies matter to marketing is linked to those tech fans with a craving for success; while also focusing on being individuals who value personal self-expression. This is good news for information technology (IT) professionals who make their living online by predicting what types of marketing will target the most profitable demographics. The result is the phenomenon of these young, urban, and creative tech users who crave new and exciting products and services offered online at Yuccie friendly websites.

Marketing Yuccie characteristics…

There is no doubt that a typical Yuccie knows his or her way around Instagram. They also enjoy updating their Facebook status with clever images and funny jokes. In short, this customer has the potential for spending big bucks online, simply because they spend massive amounts of time wired to their machine for just about everything they do during their waking time. A top IT expert stated that understanding the Yuccie buying style translates to an important customer base that needs to be minded with clever branding and marketing tools that attract the Yuccie customer.

Overall, there has never been a better time to tailor one’s online marketing to target this growing Yuccie customer trend; because this demographic really enjoys good websites and fun digital ads. Yuccies also have money to spend online, and that’s a good thing in this uncertain economy.

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