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There are a multitude of Options

A famous author and motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, once said, “Nothing in this world ever happens until someone sells something to someone else.”  An in most cases, nothing is sold unless it is first advertised in some form or fashion.  Advertising is as old as the world, and it can be very scientific in its use and application.

However, newer forms of advertising and advanced technologies have revolutionized advertising.  And while advertising today may be very powerful and seemingly simple, it’s not. What’s important is knowing how, where, and what marketing channels to select if you desire your ad investment to be effective. 

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Marketing Channel Options: A Wide Variety of Options for Every Need

Advertising today consists of new digital technologies and traditional channels.

Digital Overview

  • Programmatic Networks
    • Geo-Fence Targeting
    • IP Address Targeting
    • Physical Address Targeting
    • Persona Targeting
    • Industry Targeting
    • Conference & Trade Show Targeting
  • Online Streaming Networks
    • Music, Talk & News
      • Sirius XM, Pandora, iHeart, Spotify & Others
    • Programming
      • Comcast xFinity, AT&T Uverse, Hulu, Sling & Others
  • Search Engine Marketing | SEM
    • Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo & Others
  • Social Network Marketing | SMM
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Others
  • Independent Digital Networks
    • Display, Text, Mobile Text Messages & Others
  • Public Relations
    • Online Press Communication

Traditional Overview

  • Print
    • Magazines, Newspapers, Outdoor Boards & Others
  • Radio
    • AM & FM channels
  • Television
    • Broadcast & Cable
  • Public Relations
    • In-Person Press Communication

Using our MAPCasting system, you can now estimate the likely outcome of an advertising campaign in advance.

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