Marketing Automation with Convergent1

Harnessing the Power of Today’s Marketing Technology

Search Engine Marketing

Did You Know?

Marketing automation has changed the way we can find and nurture leads and move our target audience into your sales pipeline more efficiently than ever before. Did you know that:
  • 86% of marketers have reported automation has improved their nurturing efforts
  • 73% of marketers feel automation has given them measurable results
  • 66% of marketers believe automation has given them enhanced targeting and personalization opportunities
  • 100% of marketers realize that the use of automation will continue to grow and become a foundational component of any marketing campaign
Convergent1 has fully embraced the power of marketing automation on behalf of ourselves and our clients. The technology available to us today allows us to create turn-key marketing solutions that work in real-time, 24/7/365 so even when our clients are not in the office their brand is being well represented.

Lead Generation

With the help of highly sophisticated marketing automation tools, we can help our clients generate leads in a variety of ways. We can collect the identities of visitors to client’s websites, collect information about who is inquiring about specific events, and even collect relevant contacts on LinkedIn who would be perfect leads for your business. With so many lead generation streams, there is no reason why your business can’t benefit from our marketing automation services.

Email Automation

Have you heard of email automation or email drip campaigns? This is a great use of marketing automation as specific journeys can be set up to email potential leads when they visit your website, search for an event that you will be attending, and more. The emails are carefully crafted and timed to be sent to help nurture your potential leads. Our clients have control over who emails are sent to, how often they are sent, and how long they are nurtured to align with their specific business model. Once the email journey is set up, our clients sit back and let the hot leads fall into their sales pipeline so they can drive business.

Are You Ready to Automate Your Marketing Initiatives?