Website Maintenance & Security is Essential

Protecting Your Online Identity with Ongoing Website Maintenance

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Your Web Presence Needs to be Protected

A website is more than a web address.  It is your online identity, an investment in your business, that allows for your target audience to find and engage with you.  Yet, the best websites are not simply designed, hosted, and left alone. The most successful websites are highly secure and carefully maintained to ensure that the site is always running at peak performance and protected from hackers and malicious bots. 

Convergent1 offers a variety of web hosting and maintenance options through our C1 Webguard security and maintenance services.  We offer several packages that will allow you to choose the level of website maintenance that both fit into your budget and fulfill your specific needs.

Why Website Maintenance Is Important

We understand that many businesses are looking for ways to save money so they often overlook the importance of ongoing web maintenance.  Yet, there are many vital considerations as to why this should never be cut out of your budget.


One of the most important reasons to have the right ongoing website maintenance is security.  We are all guilty of thinking that security breaches won’t happen to us, but they happen every day to more than 30,000 websites.   Websites get hacked for a variety of reasons including stealing bandwidth, Blackhat SEO spam campaigns, drive-by downloads, and even attempts at mining Bitcoin.  Ongoing maintenance will ensure that your website is secure 24 hours a day and will catch as many attempted breaches as possible.

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