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Creating Email Correspondence that Lands the Right Message

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Making Your Marketing Initiatives Matter

Marketing in the digital age means that every marketing initiative needs to be tied together perfectly through a variety of optimization efforts.  This is a careful practice that ensures that you’re sending the right message, at the right time, to the right audience.  Are your current emails making the impact that you had hoped for?

The Convergent1 Approach to Successful Email Optimization

At Convergent1 we know that email marketing campaigns are a great way to reach out to new and existing customers to drive engagement, conversions, and sales.  As such, we have made an art out of optimizing emails to position companies for success.  At a glance our approach includes but is not limited to:

  • Planning the Email Campaign. Planning an email marketing campaign is as important as any other marketing initiative and requires planning. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your goals and objectives so that as an email campaign is implemented, you have the best results.
  • Engaging subject lines. We create engaging subject lines that tie into your keywords and industry and will pique the interest of the recipient, enticing them to open your email instead of deleting it straight away.
  • Straight forward and engaging copy. We get to the point engagingly, not wasting the time of the reader but enticing them to want to learn more about the product or service that is being introduced.
  • Engaging imagery. Yes, images are important, even in an email! There is a science to choosing the right image to go along with the content and we take pride in creating images that speak to the recipient and tie in beautifully with your unique content.
  • Calls to action. We let the reader know how to take action and we do it in a manner that is straightforward and effective.
  • Timing the email. We follow a specific algorithm for sending emails based on your industry, your clients, and the content of the email.  Timing is everything in marketing!