01. Website Design

e-commerce, mobile apps and website development

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A superior web design is the first step in website development. Business websites must instantly attract and keep visitors’ attention. This can only be accomplished when the design is both engaging and captivating, and the information on the site full of easily discernible, valuable information that makes an instant connection with viewers.

02. Online Marketing

online marketing, digital advertising, google adwords, bing, facebook and linkedin

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Digital advertising refers to digitally displayed marketing media. This technology exists on the Internet, smart phones, other media devices, and even on vehicles and billboards. Convergent1 serves businesses and product manufacturers leveraging digital advertising to build or maintain brand image, and market products or services to consumers.

03. Video

video content production, digital graphics, 3d animation

Capabilities creative direction, filming, white board, motion graphics and 3d animation | Click

Video content is an increasingly valuable asset in your marketing content mix. It is expected to represent nearly three-quarters of all internet traffic. However, getting people to sit through your videos can be challenging, your content must be remarkable. Convergent1 helps you develop video concepts that are original and truly creative.

04. Online Reviews

5-star client reviews, content creation, rebranding, crisis management

Capabilities 5-star client reviews, crisis management, rebranding and content creation Click

The reputation you’ve built over time can be ruined in a moment. Take control of your narrative, and you won’t lose it. Have you grappled with negative reviews, hostile client feedback, or simply want to build immunity against unexpected obstacles? Seeking the help of a reputation management team is your best, most beneficial option.

05. Branding & Illustrations

marketing design, logo development, corporate identity and brand assets

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Marketing is all about leveraging the trust and equity your brand has earned and garnering improved market position and increased revenue and profits. Talk to Convergent1 and let’s find out if your brand is working as hard as you are at meeting your goals.

06. Events

trade show exhibitions, display designs and collateral activities

Capabilities trade show exhibit, display design, event marketing and collateral Click

If you only participate in B2B trade shows it still pays to think retail –play the numbers game and design like you would for billboards. From table-tops to large island booths, Convergent1 has years of experience developing trade show strategies that get the biggest return on your investment and the experience developing graphics that get noticed.