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The following selections represent a wide range of brands and work.

As a full-service marketing firm, Convergent1 remains committed to providing high-level service to our clients through our award-winning and well-planned collection of works. From general marketing and advertising to videos and innovative web designs, our marketing portfolio spans 20 years!

We believe the best way to prove our value is to provide visitors with a wide range of industry brands and collective works. Please peruse our marketing portfolio categories and client campaign strategies below! 

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Brand Messaging

Being found online by your target audience is important.  If you cannot be found you cannot do business, that is the way of the digital work that we now find ourselves living and working in.  Proper brand messaging ensures that all of your efforts align through web content, social media content, advertising, and email.  When all of your optimization efforts align, you will deliver a clear message to your audience: we have what you need.

Our Approach to Brand Messaging

Our agency has an approach to brand messaging that includes learning about your business and then delivering content strategies for search engine optimization, social network optimization, and email optimization that clearly defines who you are and what you do to solve the problem your target audience has.  This approach allows us to systematically develop strategy, language, and tactics that land with your audience.

Making these meaningful connections allows you to become a thought leader, encouraging your audience to engage with you, turning into leads, and then sales.  With the right brand message and messaging strategy, we create a sales funnel that produces the leads that you need as a business to thrive.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you more about your business.  We enjoy working closely with clients of all sizes and industries to develop strategies that position them for success.  With our wide range of marketing services and experience, we are sure that we can develop a brand messaging strategy for your company that will exceed your expectations.

Website Design

Your website is your virtual presence, so the look, the feel, and the user experience are important. Your website has mere seconds to make an impression on the user.  If your website isn’t currently working to connect with your target audience and drive conversions and sales, it’s time to make a change.

Our Approach to Website Design

Our approach to web design goes beyond what looks nice.  We want your website to look great, but we also want it to be, informative, optimized, and user friendly.  We first work to understand not just your business, but your industry and your target audience. Our marketing services are vast, allowing us to take a deep dive into what sort of content will engage your audience and entice them to convert into a sale.  We will consider why your current site if you have one, is not working and improve upon it with data-driven strategies.  We know that every industry and every client is different, so all of our recommendations for web design and optimization will be based on extensive research and dedication to best practices.

Once we have designed a website that will position your company for success, we can then focus on providing you with a well-maintained website.  Website health is important for optimization purposes, and we can help with website maintenance and security, too.  While this an often overlooked service, it is important to protect your online presence.  Whether you need a complete redesign, a new website, or just a website refresh and ongoing maintenance and security, we would love the opportunity to work with your business.

Video Production

Did you know that most people would rather watch a video than read an article?  Video is engaging and allows you to illustrate your points beautifully, ensuring that you land the message you want to land.  If you want to make videos a part of your online presence, to be used on social media or even your website, it is not as difficult as you may think.

Our Approach to Video Marketing

Our agency is committed to making marketing matter, which means our video production is developed to ensure your video tells your story perfectly. We don’t rush our video projects. That’s not to say that we don’t meet deadlines, often very tight deadlines, but it does mean that we put a lot of thought into every video we make.  We like to discuss with you exactly what message you are trying to convey.  We then create a storyboard that will bring your ideas to life before we move into final production. 

We believe that videos are a highly effective means of marketing in the digital age that we are living in.  Every video project is different and our commitment is to deliver a finished product that tells the story you want to tell, the way you want to tell it.  We want to help you make an impact with video and we stand ready to help you develop your ideas that will bring them to life and incite action on the part of your target audience.  Are YOU ready?

Marketing and Advertising

As a marketing agency, we find that many people use the terms marketing and advertising interchangeably, but here at Convergent1, we find that the two are very different. We handle marketing and advertising for a variety of clients, and both are often parts of a whole strategy, but involve different work.

Marketing is the process of understanding the needs of the target audience and developing strategies to connect the audience with our client, who can solve the problems of the audience.  Strategies for marketing may involve SEO, SMM, content development, website design, and more that will allow our client to be found organically.

Advertising is implementing the knowledge we learned through researching the needs of the target audience and then applying strategies to target the audience through other mediums.  Advertising strategies may include Google Ads, remarketing, retargeting, and programmatic solutions.

As our company has grown we have moved away from advertising a bit, and now we choose to focus more on optimizing our clients to position them for success.  We have found that focusing on marketing allows for a lot more influence on the success of a campaign, as well as quick pivoting when the market changes or a new concept is developed.

American Packaging
and Gasket


Convergent1 teamed up with APG to help them create a plan that would allow them to take their brand name to the next level.  APG, also known as American Packaging and Gasket, has been in business since 1943.  APG is unique because they are a very well-established business, providing fluid sealing and conveyance products, to clients all around the country, for nearly 80 years.

Our goal was to help them plan for this next phase of their business, one in which their virtual presence was more important than ever before.  We updated their website and have implemented an ongoing SEO campaign to ensure that they are as visible to their target audience as possible through search engines, social media, and beyond. We look forward to a continued partnership with APG as their needs and business reach grows. 

Are you ready to plan for your marketing success?  Contact us today to get started!

Team Rubicon

Team RubiconTeam Rubicon is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that utilizes the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams. Founded in 2010, Team Rubicon has deployed across the United States and around the world to provide immediate relief to those impacted by disasters and humanitarian crises.

Service Principles

“Service above self is the driving force behind all of Team Rubicon’s operational activity. Our actions are characterized by the constant pursuit to prevent or alleviate human suffering and restore human dignity- we help people on their worst day.”

Oral Maxillofacial
Surgeons of Houston

OMSH had an existing message of “Experience Matters and Credential Counts.” A significant reason they were interested in revamping their current messaging is because it was not connecting with the existing or target audience. The message really focused on the doctors and their practice not the patients.

OMSH old messaging

Convergent1 conducted a Voice of the Open Market survey to better understand what mattered most to patients when looking for an oral surgeon. Some of the key findings were:

  • No one knew nor did they care about the credentials of the surgeons during the research process.
  • They were very familiar with the terms “oral surgery” and “oral surgeon” vs. “oral maxillofacial surgeons.”
  • Fear of having surgery was expressed on multiple occasions.
  • Patients also expressed significant embarrassment and lack of confidence prior to their oral surgery procedure.

After analyzing the research, we concluded that behind every smile there is a story, a memory, special moment, or personal experience of joy, that is the product OMSH actually sells. To shift the focus from the doctors to the patients and what mattered most to them we established a primary and secondary message for the practice.


OMSH New Messaging


Oral surgery is what we do.
Your comfort and smile are why we do it.

Oral Maxillofacial
Surgeons of Houston

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of HoustonConvergent1 was honored to work with OMSH to build a website that represented who they are, what they do, and why they do it. This well-known Houston area oral surgery practice needed a website that could simultaneously provide information to prospective clients and referral sources, as well as resources for clients. With new brand messaging and a commitment to a great user experience, the OMSH was a labor of love and continues to serve the practice and their well.

American Packaging
and Gasket

APGThe APG website was a massive undertaking. APG, also known as American Packaging and Gasket, provides fluid sealing and conveyance products to their clientele.  They have been in business since 1943, and in that time have developed a huge following, fulfilling thousands of orders a week. The website design needed to be true to their brand, easy to use, and offer access to their huge selection of goods.

Working closely with APG, we developed an understanding of their target audience, so we could design a website that would appeal to them.  The finished product is exactly what APG wanted and what their clientele will find useful.  A huge catalog of fluid sealing and conveyance products is easily accessible, there is a blog, online catalogs, and effective calls to action.  The APG site will continue to be updated and improved as the catalog grows, and new SEO elements will be added to it as well, so APG continues to draw in new members of their target audience.  It was our privilege to develop a new website and now to continue working with APG as we watch their brand continue to grow. 

Are you ready for a website that positions your company for success?  Contact us today! We would love to work with you!

First Financial
Group of America

First Financial Group of AmericaConvergent1 teamed up with First Financial Group of America to create a website that really showcases what the company does for its clientele.  We first worked with First Financial to understand what they do and why they do it:

“At First Financial Group of America, we work hard to simplify the benefits process for you and your employees.  We are a full-service agency with a dedicated home office team, salaried account representatives, and established relationships with vendors. This allows us to provide support from the beginning to end. Our goal is to help you design a benefits portfolio that makes sense, is affordable, and most importantly, protects your employees and their families.”

Developing an understanding of their business and their target audience, allowed our team to create a website that is a powerful tool in helping to position First Financial Group of America for success.

Are you ready to position your company to succeed?  We are ready to help!  Contact us today!

ROC Carbon

ROC Carbon CompanyConvergent1 has enjoyed working with ROC Carbon from website design and optimization.  ROC Carbon is a business located in Texas that provides custom carbon graphite parts to a national clientele.  Their business is very niche, but the niche is very competitive, so we had to work to understand the product and then help to position ROC Carbon so they could compete with or even outperform their competition. 

Optimization for ROC Carbon is a multi-prong approach:

  • Keyword research and development
  • On-page SEO
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Blogs
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social media marketing

This multi-faceted approach has allowed for ROC Carbon to be much more visible to their target audience and they can now truly stand with the competition.

ITI Manufacturing

Convergent1 has partnered with ITI Manufacturing for years and in that time we have come to understand their unique business, their values, and their target audience:

ITI Manufacturing is an American-owned, US-based manufacturing liaison company with a passion for helping US companies manufacture their products offshore. We are headquartered near Houston, in Sugar Land, Texas.

Since then, ITI Manufacturing has continued to expand its coverage in China as well as other Asian countries.  American companies demand competitive pricing, consistent, repeatable quality, and on-time delivery.  ITI knows how to deliver all three.  The effort, expertise, and long-term relationships we have nurtured over the years, all play an important part in bringing these benefits to our customers.  There’s much more to being successful in offshore manufacturing than finding a factory and taking advantage of lower labor costs. 

Optimizing for ITI Manufacturing has been a multi-faceted approach to give as much exposure possible:

  • Keyword research and development
  • On-page SEO
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Blogs
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Marketing automation

This approach has allowed for ITI to be positioned as a thought leader in their industry, allowing them to easily engage with their target audience.

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Oral Maxillofacial
Surgeons of Houston

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of HoustonConvergent1 has been honored to work with OMSH for some time.  During this time we have had the opportunity to get to know their unique approach to providing oral surgery to patients in the Greater Houston Area:

“Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston is one of the few Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon teams in the Greater Houston area.

We offer the highest standard of service and excellence in treatment in the Greater Houston area.  Patients come first at our comfortable state-of-the-art facility. From your first phone call to your final follow-up visit, our team will make your surgical experience as seamless as possible.  We believe in what we do, and our commitment to you will be evident”

Optimizing for OMSH has been multi-faceted to position them in a place to compete in a very competitive market.  Optimization efforts have included:

  • Keyword research and development
  • On-page SEO
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Blogs
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social media marketing

This approach has worked and has allowed OMSH to broaden their reach and gain new clients.

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MSI Pipe Protection

Tuboscope MSI - NOVConvergent1 has partnered with MSI to ensure they have content that will help to establish the company as a thought leader.  MSI provides pipe protection products to national and international clientele. 

“MSI Pipe Protection Technologies is a global market leader in Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) thread protectors and pipe protection products. We produce the most extensive range of thread protectors on the market, under the strictest and highest quality manufacturing standards in the industry.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we have been the leader in thread protection technologies for nearly 40 years. With offices and employees around the globe, MSI Pipe Protection Technologies serves our customers from offices in Leduc, Canada; Veracruz, Mexico; Aberdeen, Scotland and through an expanding, worldwide distributor network.”

Optimized content is provided to MSI on an ongoing basis to continue to build a solid knowledge base on the company website that helps with their SEO strategy and provides timely information to their clientele.

Do you need high-quality content for your website?  We can help!  Call us today to discuss your content needs at 713-597-8558!

ITI Manufacturing

Convergent1 and ITI Manufacturing have teamed up for years to ensure their content speaks to who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

“ITI Manufacturing is an American-owned, US-based manufacturing liaison company with a passion for helping US companies manufacture their products offshore. We are headquartered near Houston, in Sugar Land, Texas.

Since then, ITI Manufacturing has continued to expand its coverage in China as well as other Asian countries.  American companies demand competitive pricing, consistent, repeatable quality, and on-time delivery.  ITI knows how to deliver all three.  The effort, expertise, and long-term relationships we have nurtured over the years, all play an important part in bringing these benefits to our customers.  There’s much more to being successful in offshore manufacturing than finding a factory and taking advantage of lower labor costs.”

For years now, Convergent1 has worked with ITI to provide ongoing content for its website, monthly blogs, and social media posts.  This content helps to establish ITI as a thought leader as well as help their SEO efforts. 

Are you ready to have relative content on your website and social media platforms?  Convergent1 can help! Call today at 713-597-8558!

Archer Services

Archer Lawn ServicesConvergent1 has enjoyed working with Archer Services on a wide variety of marketing ventures.  Archer Services is a local landscaping design company serving the Greater Houston Area. Since 2008, Archer Services has been providing a variety of landscaping and landscaping design to an ever-growing number of area residents.

Our content services for Archer Services have included website content, social media postings, ongoing monthly blog posts, advertising, and scripts for video production. This development of content across their marketing outlets has allowed for one cohesive approach to marketing, positioning Archer Services for success in an extremely competitive market for landscape design.

Are you ready for a cohesive approach to content?  Convergent1 can help! Schedule a consultation today!

MSI Pipe Protection

Tuboscope MSI - NOV

Convergent1 introduced MSI to marketing automation in 2020.  Through this process, we were able to discover hundreds of potential leads for the company by capturing leads through a multifaceted but proven approach, including but not limited to capturing contact information for website visitors.  MSI continues to explore the exciting world of marketing automation.

Interested in Marketing Automation?  Convergent1 can help!  Contact us today!

ITI Manufacturing

ITI Manufacturing embraced marketing automation in 2020.  ITI Manufacturing employed several automation tactics with our help including capturing contact information from website visitors and email drip campaigns. This hands-off approach to marketing allows ITI to nurture current and future customers while building a relationship with potential customers.

Are you ready to expand your marketing efforts?  Let’s talk about marketing automation! Schedule a consultation today!


At Convergent1 we make it our business to understand the latest tools in marketing.  As such, we have embraced marketing automation for ourselves to expand our reach and ensure that we are doing all that we can to nurture existing leads as well as new ones.  Through marketing automation, we can capture information of visitors to our websites, learn who is engaging with our competition, see who is engaging with our focused keywords, and send emails automatically. We have embraced the digital age of marketing!

Are you ready to embrace the digital age of marketing? Let’s talk!

Centerpoint Energy

CenterPoint EnergyEven well-known companies need help telling their story, that is why Centerpoint Energy teamed up with Convergent1.  Convergent1 worked with Centerpoint Energy to create a video that would easily communicate with the current, former, and potential customers of Centerpoint Energy.  The project was a success. 

Research today shows us that most people would rather watch a video than read an article that is presenting them with the same information. Centerpoint Energy embraced this knowledge and made it work for them.

Are you ready to make video marketing work for you!  We would love to help!  Contact us today!


NOV knows that staying abreast of the most popular and effective ways to communicate with their target audience is important to their success. That is why NOV teamed up with Convergent1 to tell their story in video, a communication method that appeals to most consumers.  We have ongoing work with NOV/MSI monthly through their resource blogs, continuing to communicate to their target audience in a meaningful way.

Are you ready to connect with your target audience meaningfully?  Let’s talk about video!


Working with CCPS, or the Center for Chemical Process Safety has been an enlightening experience. This company works to raise awareness about Chemical Process Safety events that have occurred around the world and implement new processes that will keep further events from taking place.  We worked with CCPS in 2020 to develop a video that highlighted a year’s worth of these events, opening our eyes to things we had never seen before. We believe that the video will raise awareness for years to come and look forward to working with CCPS again soon!

Are you ready to tell a story with video?  Contact us today!

Archer Services

Archer Lawn Services

Convergent1 works with Archer Services on a wide variety of their marketing initiatives, including advertising.  Archer Services is a landscaping architect that serves the Greater Houston Area. This is a competitive industry, so Archer Services needed our help expanding their reach, ensuring their target audience could find them.

We have focused our advertising for Archer on where the data has told us we would get the most exposure possible.  Google Ads, social media advertising, niche directories, and more. 

Are you ready for increased exposure?  We would love to talk with you!

TruBalance Water

Trubalance is a local water company that Convergent1 was happy to team p with to help them gain more exposure.  This was a unique advertising opportunity because unlike a lot of our other clients, we needed to help this company track conversions that were taking place inside of local stores rather than on a digital platform of any kind.  We worked closely with Trubalance to craft an advertising campaign that helped them gain brand awareness as well as sales.

Are you ready to gain brand awareness and see more sales?  Let’s talk!

ITI Manufacturing

ITI Manufacturing is like most businesses, always wanting to expand their reach and make meaningful connections with their target audience.  We have enjoyed a long partnership with ITI Manufacturing and were happy to help them develop another aspect of their marketing was exciting.

Want to broaden your reach through marketing?  Let’s discuss your goals!