Brand Messaging & Strategy

Craft the Right Message & Make a Connection


Brand Messaging That Connects You to Your Target Audience

Every business has a story to tell, and Convergent1 can help you tell your story through brand messaging that:

  • Provides new and existing businesses with refreshed, custom brand messaging for effectively telling unique stories.
  • Helps redefine your business with our customized, cutting-edge brand strategy tools that will help your story make a connection.
  • Creates brand messaging designed to help improve overall online visibility

The most important step in any successful campaign is crafting the right message that connects with your customers while also positioning your company as a trusted brand.  We do this by analyzing the strength of your brand; we identify opportunities to create improve customer commitment

Four Components of Brand Messaging & Strategy Development

Convergent1 successfully uses the following components to implement brand strategy development for your business:

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Industry Research Analysis

Do you know your business niche or unique selling position (USP)? If not, Convergent1 will help you explore it through industry research analysis and competitor analysis. Brand messaging is the foundation of your business, and it should communicate to consumers why they should patronize your business instead of the competition.  


We will help devise a concrete brand identity, which is essential to formulating an effective strategy for your business.  We also analyze your USP in the market to develop a plan that will put you on the road to where you want to be.

Let's Talk Data!

Target Audience Assessment

Your company can’t have a successful brand strategy if you don’t know your audience and their needs.

Through our target audience assessment, you will learn:

·      Who you should be marketing to.

·      What their needs and values are.

·      Which messaging strategy to use to make a conversion.

Fortunately, with the implementation of Google Analytics, we can gain precise and detailed demographic information about your target audience.

Social media platforms, like Facebook, also provide data that you’ll be able to gather about your audience.

The most effective tool we use, however, is the customer survey or simple questionnaire form. This helps us obtain information and service/product feedback from your customers. Once we’ve helped you gather the data, we then analyze the information so you can adapt your messages accordingly. 

Message Development

Each company or brand has a story that is intriguing and relevant to why businesses do what they do.

Learning the answers to questions like ‘What problem could your story help solve?’ and ‘How would your story help make the reader’s life better?’ are the main ingredients to crafting a solid brand message that customers can connect to emotionally.

Other factors that we’ll help you consider in telling your story are:

  • Knowing why your products and/or services exist
  • Explaining how your services and/or products came to market
  • Conveying what your story means to you and what it should mean to your customers

Understanding when and how other brands effectively share their stories and win customer loyalty.

Brand Strategy Guideline Applications

A successful brand messaging strategy has a guideline or checklist to help companies ensure a legitimate connection. Our guideline applications process will confirm that all the relevant data was compiled to improve company communications and audience reach.

As Simon Sinek says, ‘People don’t buy WHAT you do, people buy WHY you do it.’ We whole-heartily agree! Therefore, we’ll help you apply the right tools and applications to come up with solid and effective brand messaging that expresses your WHY.

Consider the following guidelines:

  • Keep your messaging consistent across every form of communication, on all your marketing materials, and across each digital channel.
  • Ensure your message has the fundamental ingredient of ‘customer connection’.
  • Align your USP with your brand.
  • Have a clear understanding and detailed description of your target audience.
  • Keep company mottos, slogans, or taglines aligned with your brand.

Maintain message consistency with all new content and marketing materials you push out. 

Convergent1 Brand Messaging Samples

We believe there is no better way to help you understand brand messaging than to show you first hand how we’ve applied strategies for our clients and helped them make connections. Check out messaging samples we’ve created for some of our clients…