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What is online or digital marketing? With 88% of Americans now using the internet daily, it is the new virtual frontier. Billions of people are out there searching for you, your goods and services! 

Information comes from many online sources; search engines, social networks, email services, video, and mobile directories. Therefore, delivering a message that reinforces your value proposition and brand, creates a favorable impression. See more online marketing stats here.

There are over 4 billion people worldwide who are online regularly. And digital marketing is the avenue that opens up your potential customer base exponentially. Did you know that there’s much more to marketing or advertising services than meets the eye? Whether it’s on or offline services, marketing is more than snappy headlines, compelling content or graphics that instantly grab attention.

Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Customers today suffer from information overload. Each day we are deluged with more information than we can process. Effective advertising must be bold and compelling enough to capture the reader as you bring them into your world; a world where your product makes them stop and take notice. As the advertising captures their imagination, it must deliver a distinct brand message. A message that reinforces your company’s exciting innovation, or must-have product. Your marketing plan should create a favorable impression and elicit a response.

At Convergent1, we have 20-years of extensive experience developing messages that are strategically formulated to resonate with target customers. Driven by a strategic plan, our creative staff excels in translating those messages into compelling advertisements for any media. 

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Innovative Digital Advertising Trends

Today’s online marketing and advertising tools can also help you better identify leads and convert them into paying customers. However, you need a strong digital presence and must deliver the right message to the right demographic. Never before has it been as quick and easy to analyze advertising ROI and understand its value.

Innovative Digital Marketing

Are You Prepared for a Bright Future?

Wondering what’s on the horizon for the digital market? Discover what’s next with Convergent1 so your business doesn’t get left behind. Take a peek at the following trends: 


  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    for predicting customer behavior click patterns on your site.

  • Chatbots

    for keeping your business open online 24/7/365

  • Social Media eCommerce

    for promoting, selling, and managing your goods and services online.

  • Video Ads

    for content marketing and high-level advertising that significantly increases audience engagement.

Convergent1’s digital marketing and online advertising systems include the most advanced technologies available anywhere.

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