Marketing Action Plan (MAP) Development

Your Company Plan for Digital Marketing Success

Marketing Action Plan

A Marketing Action Plan With Investment Assurance

It’s simple; failing to plan means that you are planning to fail. Today, that statement has become alarmingly real with marketing and advertising. With a Marketing Action Plan (MAP) from Convergent1, we can help you create strategies that will ensure your marketing dollars produce. Furthermore, we back it with investment assurance.


At Convergent1, we’re passionate about proper preparation. Our MAP services are set up so that we can track, analyze, and also optimize your unique plan for measurable success! For nearly 20 years, we’ve produced MAP campaigns for companies of all sizes, and we’ve learned how to make marketing work. 

An Easy MAP Process That Works for Any Company

We know that even within the same business industry, marketing plans are not  “one size fits all”. That’s why our three-phase MAP process (see details below) delivers each client a well-developed, unique, and thorough marketing action plan designed to get results. Most importantly, our MAP includes a forecast of the expected results so that clients know, in advance, the ROI they can expect

The reality is; you don’t know what you don’t know. New digital marketing channels continue to emerge, and it is essential to have a partner who understands them. You also need to know which ones will facilitate the objectives of your company.

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Measuring for Success

Your roadmap to success starts with a custom Convergent1 MAP:

What sets Convergent1 apart from other agencies is our unique process used for preliminary forecasting.

We provide you with a bird’s eye view of what it could take to achieve your main objectives. Another commodity of C1 that sets us apart from the competition, is our ability to provide you with an ROI Analysis with firm projections and data. 

  • Our MAP is developed using a comprehensive process handled by our dedicated team of marketing experts who genuinely want to see your business flourish. 
  • We believe you shouldn’t spend one dollar on advertising until you know what your Return On Investment (ROI) will be. Our MAP helps to identify strategies that are proven to provide revenue growth
What sets Convergent1 apart from other agencies is our unique process used for preliminary forecasting.

Our Seven-Phase MAP Development Process

In order to deliver our clients a comprehensive MAP Campaign Development System, we consider the most important aspects or components of the process. They are as follows:

1.    Initial Research

2.    Voice of Customer & Focus Group Analysis

3.    Market & Competition Analysis

4.    Marketing Strategy Development

5.    Marketing Channel Analysis & Selection Recommendations

6.    MAPCasting Revenue Forecasts & Budget Development

7.    MAP Campaign Implementation Planning & Scheduling

During each phase of the process, we remain in close communication with clients to ensure that the appropriate strategies and plans that are developed best suit their needs of marketing objectives. For more details and specifics on our Five-Phase MAP process.

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