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Success only occurs if it is well planned

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A Marketing Action Plan With Investment Assurance

At Convergent1, we take the words of Benjamin Franklin seriously, “If you fail to plan effectively, you’re planning to fail dramatically.” With more than 20 years of experience, Convergent1 has developed a process of organizing information in a thoroughly planned approach so that our client’s investment in marketing and advertising expenditures maximizes their results. Through the years, this process has been known as Marketing Action Planning or MAP. 

Every client and every project benefit from planning, and our MAP process is built specifically to your company’s needs.

With our process, our previous clients have seen:

blue check mark More brand awareness

blue check mark Increased lead generation

blue check mark Higher traffic to their website

blue check mark Higher ranking keywords

blue check mark A stronger social media presence

blue check mark Impressive return on investments or ROI’s

blue check mark Overall better results due to better planning

Are your marketing attempts working for your company or could you use a plan?

Our process consists of extensive research, with measurable benchmarks and actionable steps to implement your Marketing Action Plan which can include any or all the following evaluations:

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Company History Review & Analysis

This exercise helps establish a baseline for the accurate measurement of future campaigns and strategies. You can’t plan where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re at, so it is crucial to fully understand your starting line. This includes reviewing our client’s history, sales journey, and goals & objectives.

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Brand Message & Ideal Client Persona Development

Any successful marketing initiative should start with the right message and an understanding of your target audience. This exercise is vital for successful Brand Communication and includes our Voice of Customer Analysis and Focus Group Analysis. This provides insight into your customer’s perspective and create a new brand message or supporting messages in your audience’s own words. By closely knowing your target audience, we can narrow your marketing budget and optimize future campaign performance therefore increasing your ROI.

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Search Engine Assessment

SEO can be simple if you have a plan. We’ll review your current domain and page authority as well as your historical keyword rank positions. Directories, backlinks, and blogs are additional tactics to help support your SEO efforts. The better your score, the more visibility you’ll have which will increase traffic to your website.

Our plan will provide you with a full report of the following areas to help you reach your SEO goals.

  • Website Vulnerability Audit
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Strengths & Weakness Evaluation
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Advertising Assessment

By looking at your past & present advertising performance, we will be able to measure your pay-per-click efforts in comparison to your competitors. By knowing the best practices for your industry, we can provide more informed recommendations for an even stronger campaign and better results.

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Social Media Assessment

Most would agree that people of all ages from engaging on social media. Whether you are a B2B or B2C company, anyone can benefit from having a clean and consistent brand, with engaging content on platforms your ideal clients are utilizing. Want to know how your company’s social media presence compares with your competitors? This social media audit will give you all the insights.

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Industry Assessment

In order to seek out new opportunities and gain perspective leads, we’ll analyze your potential room for growth and opportunities as well as any factors that may negatively impact your industry.


Competitor Assessment

Our assessment will give you an edge over your strongest competitors.  Contact us today to find out how.


Once we have reviewed all venues for marketing opportunities, we can create data-driven recommendations and build well thought out strategies to reach your company’s goals and objectives.

We’ll hand off our research and marketing strategies, then you can decide on how you’d like to implement them. If you move forward with a MAP campaign, you can expect a smooth launch with our scheduling & implementation process. Furthermore, make it measurable with our campaign monitoring & success tracking that includes real-time analytics and bi-weekly collaboration.

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