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As a full-service marketing firm, Convergent1 remains committed to providing high-level service to our clients through our award-winning and well-planned collection of works. From general marketing and advertising to videos and innovative web designs, our marketing portfolio spans nearly 20 years!

We believe the best way to prove our value is to provide visitors with a wide range of industry brands and collective works. Please peruse our marketing portfolio categories and client campaign strategies below! 

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Corrosion Prevention Technologies
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston

APG – American Packing and Gasket

APG Old MessagingAPG has been in business since 1943 and they positioned themselves as “Trusted Since 1943” and as “America’s Most Responsive Warehouse.” In 2019 APG met with Convergent1 to discuss their desire to improve their brand and the positioning of their company and products in the marketplace.

Convergent1 conducted a Voice of Customer campaign/survey with over 600 of their most satisfied clients to understand core elements of their relationship with APG and their commitment to their products. None of the customers cared about the longevity of the company. However, there were other things that were of great value:

  • Having the right parts available
  • Great lead times and on-time delivery
  • Solutions and expertise that their support team offered
  • Competitive pricing – although on the list, greater emphasis was placed on the aforementioned

APGAfter analyzing the research, we concluded that product availability is very important; however, having the right part was a significant point of emphasis from the customers. In the majority of cases, APG’s clients are not the end user, this places another level of pressure on APG’s customers because they are the “middle-man” in a very demanding supply chain. The final messaging shifted from a focus on longevity and responsiveness to what matters most, the right parts.

Primary Message:

APG New Brand Messaging

Corrosion Prevention Technologies (CPT)

CPT has a unique story. They created a product that would revolutionize industries like shipyards, US Navy, O&G and others that are significantly impacted by assets that rust. The industry has only known one way to treat the problem, so CPT came to Convergent1 to help with developing messaging to help change the narrative about rust prevention and position them as the forerunner of this change.

Convergent1 conducted focus group surveys with several industry representatives that had the opportunity to test the new product/technology. During the survey process we learned several things about the impact of rust and corrosion and how CPT overcomes these issues.

  • Significant decrease in turnaround time to get assets back into production which directly impacts profitability
  • Limits the amount of prep work needed for oxidation removal
  • Keeps assets in production 10 to 15 years longer than traditional methods

At the completion of our analysis Convergent1 concluded that the most important thing is getting production up and running as quickly as possible and to keep it running. In addition, when production has to stop, we needed to communicate a key factor that has negatively impacted the industry, flash rust. The final message unanimously spoke to what the focus group to their concerns and what they needed.

Primary Message:

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons of Houston – OMSH

OMSH had an existing message of “Experience Matters and Credential Counts.” A significant reason they were interested in revamping their current messaging is because it was not connecting with the existing or target audience. The message really focused on the doctors and their practice not the patients.

OMSH old messaging


Convergent1 conducted a Voice of the Open Market survey to better understand what mattered most to patients when looking for an oral surgeon. Some of the key findings were:

  • No one knew nor did they care about the credentials of the surgeons during the research process.
  • They were very familiar with the terms “oral surgery” and “oral surgeon” vs. “oral maxillofacial surgeons.”
  • Fear of having surgery was expressed on multiple occasions.
  • Patients also expressed significant embarrassment and lack of confidence prior to their oral surgery procedure.

After analyzing the research, we concluded that behind every smile there is a story, a memory, special moment, or personal experience of joy, that is the product OMSH actually sells. To shift the focus from the doctors to the patients and what mattered most to them we established a primary and secondary message for the practice.


OMSH New Messaging


Oral surgery is what we do.
Your comfort and smile are why we do it.

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