3 Trends In Social Media Marketing You Should Know


The vast majority of Houston’s small business owners agree that the use of social media is an important factor in the growth and success of their business. The trends in social media marketing continue to shift; however, understanding the leading trends that are currently taking place on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Periscope, YouTube, Instagram, and even Snapchat, will certainly help you make even better use of these powerful marketing tools, and put your business on the right track. Below are 3 dominating trends in social media marketing that you need to read about, regardless of your business size…

Instant or “In-the-Moment” Updates

Periscope and Facebook have become extremely successful at providing trending news and updates the moment they take place; moreover, Instagram and Snapchat are not far behind with their usage. The trend provides the immediacy of news, videos, and media information to online viewers. Applying this trend to your business will also keep online customers coming to your site for any important Houston or national news and industry information that they need.

“Buy”-Button Features

If you sell goods and products, you know the power and extreme convenience of online purchasing. This trend will continue to grow and become even more convenient; especially if you go with the flow of utilizing the features on Facebook and Pinterest as it is available. Customers will love having the convenience of purchasing with one click directly from your site, or any other social media tool that you use for doing business.

Increased “In-App” Functionality

Any good business owner today knows that customers, followers, and online viewers need to have the power to shop and interact with you online, on television, and even on their mobile phone. If your business has an app, it will be even more important to keep up with the trend of increased functionality of your app. While a customer is utilizing your app, the convenience of having improved features and functionality will definitely keep them coming; and could prompt them to invite others.

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