5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring an Ad Agency

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Making the decision to hire an ad agency is an important one.

Advertising is a massive $500 billion industry, yet many businesses still believe they can handle their own marketing needs.

Outsourcing marketing services can feel a little risky, but when it comes to refining your company’s message and reaching your target audience, hiring an ad agency is fundamental to success.

Hiring an Ad Agency: Find Your Perfect Fit

Supercharge your marketing efforts by finding an agency with skills and services well matched to your needs and expectations. As you search for the perfect partner, consider these five things you need to know.

1. Why Do You Want to Hire an Ad Agency?

Understanding your reason for hiring an ad agency is vital. Take time to evaluate what strategies are working well, while addressing any areas that may need extra support. This will help you identify what marketing services you’re looking for and guide you toward the agency that best fits your needs.

2. What are Your Business Goals?

Clear, actionable business goals are essential to finding an agency aligned with your vision. Do you aim to improve your visibility online? Look for an agency with expertise in SEO services. A qualified SEO marketing agency will have experience implementing the SEO tactics needed to reach your goals

3. What Services or Skills Do You Expect?

Digital marketing comes in many forms. Some agencies are highly specialized, while others offer multiple services – from email optimization to video marketing SEO to social media. Avoid the disappointment of unmet expectations by determining what specific skills will benefit you most.

4. How is Marketing Success Measured?

Having a shared definition of concrete benchmarks is vital to achieving your marketing goals together. A good agency will take initiative in executing your mission and provide proof of success by collecting and presenting data that clearly demonstrates the results of their strategy.

5. What Will the First 30 Days Look Like?

To understand an agency’s vision for your business, you’ll want to see an outline of their deliverables and processes. The right agency will offer the direction that can transform your business from the start. An overview of their 30-day plan can provide important insight into their initial strategy.

Choose an Ad Agency Dedicated to Your Success


Hiring an ad agency is an excellent way to improve your business, and when the fit is right, then it will feel like an extension of your team. With over 20 years of experience, Convergent1 recognizes the importance of each client’s unique needs and goals and is dedicated to working together with you to achieve marketing success.

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