5 Things Companies Should Know About SEO Services

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Search engine optimization, or SEO services, aren’t always fun for owners of small- to medium-sized businesses, but they’re a necessary step toward success. It’s hard for small businesses to compete with big companies, because those firms often take up the all-important first page of search results and push organic results further down the list. These are just some of the challenges small business owners face, but they’re also opportunities to get ahead of the competition. Below are several vital things for business owners currently need to know about SEO services.

Local SEO is Crucial

The first point on the list is also one of the most obvious. Most sellers have brick-and-mortar locations, unless they’re online-only, and local SEO services are an important part of a small business owner’s search marketing endeavors. Local search engine optimization goes much deeper than Google Maps, however. Third-party review and directory sites are used by Google for its Maps and search results, and business owners should localize their content strategy by working their location name into URLs, headings, and URLs.

Link Building is a Tactical Exercise

The difficulty of link building has little to do with the size of a business. Owners should remember that quality is more important than quantity where inbound links are concerned, and they should focus on linking from sites with high domain authority. Try these techniques:

  • Guest blogging
  • Syndication with trusted publishers
  • Improving on popular content and linking to the originals
  • Building on broken links

For any of the above strategies to work, the content must be good enough to earn shares and links. Until the business’ audience is big enough that the links build themselves, the owner must take a tactical approach to link building.

Progress is Possible When You Know Your Competitors’ Weaknesses

All companies within a niche face similar challenges, and small business owners can sometimes use this fact to their advantage. Are competitors missing out on good keywords, or are they suffering from poor Google My Business reviews? Are their websites slow to load, or poorly optimized for mobile devices? Do their customers feel lost in a sea of service fulfillment? Or are customers missing that “personable” service approach? Every weakness a competitor has is an opportunity for a small business owner to show users (and Google) how they can provide relevant solutions to these issues. Providing solutions with the right kinds of SEO services also helps companies move up in search.

SEO Service Strategies Are an Effective Way to Target High-Intent Audience Members

Unlike paid ads, search engine optimization focuses mostly on undecided users who are still searching for content. For instance, someone who books a vacation but needs to rent a room is high-intent. They’ll need a place to stay during the trip, and for them, it’s a simple matter of finding the best combination of price and hotel features. Business owners should understand what people are looking for at various parts of the customer journey, then be sure to make the content information available online.

Site Speed and Bounce Rates are Important

A website that offers a low-quality user experience is useless to Google. The search engines want to send visitors to pages that are mobile optimized, quick to load, and provide useful, relevant content. Owners of small- and medium-sized businesses should prioritize site performance, refine content to reduce bounce rates, and guide visitors to other relevant pages. Highly acclaimed marketing firms, like Convergent1 in Houston, is an agency that helps Houston businesses ensure that any online marketing efforts are always up to par for potential customers and targeted audiences within each client’s industry.

Getting Help from Experienced Marketers

SEO can be frustrating for small companies, but it doesn’t have to be a battle. With the right team on board, and by considering the information in this guide, businesses of all sizes can see SEO service progress. In particular, businesses in the Greater Houston area can benefit from the marketing expertise of Convergent1 Smart Marketing. Our years of experience, and ability to keep up with ever-changing marketing trends, takes away the complication and frustration that many small to mid-sized businesses feel when trying to stay relevant and competitive.

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