Can Marketing Success be Found in Selling Solutions?

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Today’s customers are bombarded with brand marketing and advertisements online, as well as on television. This leads to a condition known as information overload, and customers are learning to quickly tune everything out.  As such, this can sometimes make it difficult for companies utilizing conventional advertising techniques to capture the attention of potential customers, and/or get their messages through.

However, this has led marketing experts to think differently about how businesses can genuinely make positive connections with potential customers. Ultimately, they’ve begin considering one ostensibly simple question: Can brand marketing Success be Found in Selling Solutions?  Read on to learn if it’s OK for businesses to start ditching the sales pitch on products and services, and turn to brand marketing messages that sell solutions.

Strategically Formulated Messages

Capturing an audience’s attention is only the first step toward selling them on a product or service.  Once the advertisement has that attention, it must immediately go on to create a bold and compelling message that reinforces the company’s value proposition.  Arguably the most effective way to do so is by formulating strategic advertising messages that focus not on the product or service itself, but on the solution and/or benefits that it claims to provide.

Solutions-Oriented Marketing

Modern life comes with more than its fair share of problems, and those problems often require technologically-advanced or carefully-engineered solutions.  Most of the products and services on today’s market are designed specifically with this fact in mind, and many of them target specific demographics rather than entire populations.  Modern advertising campaigns must focus on this fact if they want to stand out from the crowd. Customers have developed a keen ear that helps them decipher through all the noise of brand marketing messages. In order for companies to connect their product and/or service to the customers who need them, they must make noise that provides the solutions and benefits that catch their ear.

Combining Products and Services in Brand Marketing

Most products are designed and marketed according to a one size fits all approach, which seeks to make them seem appealing to as wide of an audience as possible.  Selling solutions, rather than pushing products, requires companies to form genuine connections with their customers or clients, selling them on products and services that solve some of life’s most difficult problems and provides benefit at the same time.

Sales Don’t Happen in a Brand Marketing Vacuum

Traditionally, marketing teams worked independently from product designers, customer service representatives, and other essential teams.  This made it difficult to market products that felt accessible and personalized according to each client’s needs.  Today, these seemingly disparate teams must work in conjunction with each other to establish a marketing campaign that offers buyers new ideas, or perspectives, in addition to helpful products and services.

All too often, this requires fundamental changes across an entire company.  Company leaders must critically evaluate their business’s command structure and its overall culture, as well as its current brand marketing approaches, in order to understand what must change in order to move forward according to this new paradigm.  Marketing liaisons, like Houston’s Convergent1 Smart Marketing, works with multiple departments within a company to help establish best practices for design, marketing, and sales. Ultimately, outsourcing brand marketing can go a long way toward accomplishing this goal.

The Customer is Always FIRST

This old axiom has never rung so true; today’s customers are looking for tailor-made solutions that are designed with their unique personal needs in mind.  Companies that want to reach these customers must embrace a customer-centered ideology to take full advantage of solutions-oriented brand marketing campaigns. 

Businesses from Houston and all around the world can always look to Convergent1 for smart marketing solutions and strategies to watch their business grow.

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