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Hiring a Marketing Agency: Why It Is a Good Idea

Marketing is an important aspect of running a successful business.  It allows you to connect with your target audience to develop brand awareness and loyalty while driving sales. Your marketing goals may be quite straight forward, but are your marketing efforts?  Many business owners find that they simply cannot keep up with marketing in house …

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2 BMA Lantern Awards won by Convergent1

Convergent1 Wins Two BMA Lantern Awards!

Convergent1 received awards for two campaigns and a lifetime achievement at the Lantern Awards hosted by BMA this Wednesday. The ceremony took place at the Royal Sonesta Hotel and showcased work by many advertising agencies throughout the city who participated in the annual business-to-business marketing competition.

how to hire an advertising agency in 5 steps

5 Basics Steps in Hiring An Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies offer a wide variety of services that are tailored to meet their client’s needs and expectations. It is important to keep in mind that agencies range from small, startup businesses to corporate franchises that have huge departments for market research, copywriting, graphic design, account management, etc. If you are a business looking to …

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Convergent1 is one of top digital advertising agency in Houston Texas

5 Qualities Of A Successful Advertising Agency

There are many firms in the market, which makes it somewhat challenging for business owners to choose the right advertising agency. Fortunately, there are traits that all successful advertisers have. By simply watching out for these qualities when searching for one, business owners can find and hire the best advertisers. The top 5 qualities include: