4 Reasons to Use Video in Online Marketing

devices that can be used in online video production

The power of online marketing with video has been demonstrated repeatedly by those who’ve become stars on sites like YouTube. However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to capitalize on the power of video marketing and advertising. Below are several ways video can help your small business expand its online marketing efforts and reach.

#1 Grabbing Customers’ Attention

Nothing captivates the audience like a creative video, and companies can get a significant amount of exposure on YouTube and other sites. Viewers see millions of hours of videos each day, and 300 hours of video is uploaded each minute. That’s quite a reach, especially for a small business. At Convergent1, our creative team consults with you to conceptualize online marketing videos that help capture visitors’ attention, while also keeping them engaged on your site to interact.

#2 Greater Traffic Volume

Business owners can increase site traffic by using video marketing services. There are over a billion YouTube users, and viewership numbers and hours are increasing by the year. Simply put, video platforms give business owners the chance to get their message out to millions of potential customers. Not only will we provide a very cost-effective service, we’ll also ensure that your reach is greater than that of regular cable and television stations.

#3 Higher Search Rankings

Video platforms, like YouTube, are owned by Google, which acquired it during an expansion of its social media presence. When combined, a video platform with Google becomes one of the biggest and most powerful of all social media marketing methods. With companies, and other streaming videos, prominently featured in Google’s search results, video marketing conveniently becomes a crucial part of any company’s SEO plan.

#4 Global Accessibility

Video platforms like YouTube are used all over the world, accessible anywhere and on almost any device. While many people still watch online marketing videos on a PC or laptop, most views now come from smartphones, and some tablets. Making your company videos available in different languages can make you even more accessible, as over 60% of views on a particular video come from other countries outside of the US. Because of the extensive availability, video marketing ultimately provides tremendous exposure for a business of any size. Especially when the video is done right.

These reasons are some of the biggest benefits of using video to market your business. Videos allow audiences to engage with your company’s content in a way that eBooks, guides, and newsletters cannot. Contact Convergent1 online now, or call us at 713-690-0707 to find out how to include video through a new online marketing strategy.


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