The 5 Biggest Virtual Reality Breakthroughs Of 2015


Technology is changing by the minute.  In 2015, one of the areas that made the greatest strides was virtual reality (VR). The VR marketplace continued to expand its audience and available products and services. Five things stood out this past year.

#1 VR headsets are improving and evolving. The market is now demanding that which seems less virtual and more real. New headsets are allowing for a more immersive experience, and the three dimensional experiences of 2015 provide a glimpse into the future.

#2 Investment in the industry surged in 2015. Even Facebook jumped into the market, acquiring Oculus, and preparing to launch products and technology that are likely to see a healthy return on the $2 billion investment. Venture capitalists and angel investors took steps away from traditional Internet companies and put their money into innovative VR tech.

#3 Gaming growth continued to be strong in 2015. Brands like PlayStation, Vive, and Samsung are allowing gamers to explore new worlds and create their own reality. Gaming continued to drive the bulk of VR business.

#4 It wasn’t all fun and games last year. New industries decided to launch exploratory missions into virtual reality – allowing people in healthcare, construction, engineering, education, and even health and fitness, to take advantage of virtual reality. While the gaming industry has traditionally been the largest customer base for VR products, 2015 demonstrated that it’s useful and strategic for a number of other industries.

#5 Virtual shopping became a reality and part of many business plans in 2015. Companies and marketing geniuses realized that VR can be used in advertising and sales. Connecting with customers and turning experimenters into buyers became a new and possible goal.

Without a doubt, technology continues to grow and expand. In the coming months, experts and early adapters will bring the $19 trillion sector even further into the mainstream.

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