5 of Today’s Best Website Design Trends

website design trends

With every new year comes new website design trends, and 2017 has been no exception. This year has brought elegant, eye-catching designs that convey info in a sophisticated, stylish way. Below are 5 of the most contemporary trends being utilized for creating innovative website designs that are aesthetically unique, relevant for marketing in any industry, and responsive to visitors.

Bolder Typography

Bold and captivating big words are now front and center on webpages all over the world. When companies use a bold typeface to put emphasis on a brand name or slogan, it makes visitors take notice. If the site’s name or concept is highly visible, potential buyers are more likely to remember it when it’s time to make a purchase. Simple, yet “to the point” makes all the difference.

Moving Pictures

Videos are attention-getting in their own right, but modern website designers are taking things a step further by displaying a short, looping video as a page background. When the screen comes to life, visitors naturally want to know more about the company’s products and services.

Brighter Colors and More of Them

Colors are known to elicit certain feelings. For instance, if a room is painted yellow, it can increase occupants’ overall happiness. Bright, bold colors are everywhere on 2017’s web pages, as are gradient overlays. The use of bright, cheery colors as a part of website design services can make drab and uneventful websites suddenly stand out!

Thought-Provoking Designs

Although perfectly symmetrical web pages have served businesses well in the past, it may be time for something different. Houston businesses of all sizes are gradually moving away from a perfectly organized aesthetic look, to funkier, more meaningful designs that are still trendy yet highly functional for users. Using asymmetrical layouts, and incorporating hover features, allow site owners to showcase certain products, content, and services.

Greater Authenticity

Although royalty-free stock photos are widely available online, today’s companies are dropping them in favor of more authentic sources. Numerous websites offer free, realistic photos to be used as website design resources. By using everyday-life and real-time kinds of photos instead of highly staged or general shots, site owners can give visitors a more authentic, relatable, and personal feel when they come to the site.

The internet is always changing, and it’s important for companies to keep up with customers’ evolving preferences. These are just some of the trends that are revitalizing the web design world, and Houston’s Convergent1 marketing and web development firm can apply some of these trends to your next website project in an effective, highly conducive, and powerful way. Call us at 713-690-0707 for more information, or check out our website designs from our happy clientele.

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