7 Facts: Effectiveness Of Visual Internet Marketing

7 Facts On The Effectiveness Of Visual Internet Marketing

Your Houston company’s visual content campaigns can make or break your brand awareness in a competitive market, increasing your visibility and growing new revenue. These 7 visual internet marketing facts are more than enough reason to treat your visual content like the goldmine that it really is; whether you live in the greater Houston area, or elsewhere.

Living Color

Research shows that colored visuals skyrocket a reader’s willingness to read an article by a staggering 80%. Eye catching and even whimsical visuals, are a great way to ensure that your audience is receptive to what you have to say through internet marketing.

Senior Moment

65% of all senior marketing execs feel that their photos, videos, illustrations, and infographics are the very roots of their brand story. Judging from the first fact… they are absolutely right. Brand stories were one of the biggest marketing buzz words of 2015, and the effectiveness of building a solid, notable brand story will not be going anywhere any time soon.

Link This Way

When a business uses the word “video” inside their email subject line, it improves opening stats by 19%. Better yet, click rates go up 65%. And unsubscribes are reduced by 25%. Because email marketing is your most direct pathway to your audience, you simply cannot afford to avoid paying close attention to the makeup of your email blasts, and the visual content that they include.

Double Take

In 2015 in only a short span of 8 months, the statistics of daily Facebook video views went through the roof. These numbers doubled from a cool 4 billion views daily, to an impressive 8 billion. This is living proof that marketers have to take their video content seriously, and get it in the hands of their audience swiftly to capitalize on this upward trend.

Down Periscope

Periscope has grown wildly popular lately; and in July 2015, Periscope’s user base did something unheard of. They watched a whopping 40-years-worth of videos in just one short day. Still think that your videos are not as important as your other content? Think again.

Fortune 500

Looking into the future is something that all marketing teams need to do. Syndacast helps you plan for next year’s forecast, predicting that 74% of internet traffic for 2017 will be entirely video. This is great news for YouTube, and great news for you.

The 411

Infographics have taken the world by storm, and their use in internet marketing campaigns can improve your company’s outlook for the coming years. Shared 3 times more than any other content on Facebook and Twitter, infographics are the future of getting audiences to pay attention, get interested, and share.

Whether you are just beginning a visual content campaign for your business, or you’ve been around the block a few times, visual internet marketing is incredibly important to your long term successes. If you need help getting started, or simply improving your brand story through the help of visual internet marketing, turn to the experts who can help get you noticed, by creating the very best visuals for a very competitive marketplace.

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