We’ve all, at some point in time, received emails that just don’t look worth the time to read.  Here are seven tips to make sure your next B2B email marketing campaign doesn’t end up the junk folder.

Keep the Design Simple

When an advertising agency implements a marketing campaign, they typically rely on simple designs that are visually attractive, but not overly cluttered. Use this same strategy for your email campaign.

Place Important Information above the Fold

Most businesses receive hundreds of emails every day. Follow the example of experts in the field and keep the most important information and a persuasive call to action above the fold.

Write a Subject Line that is Engaging

While you will likely put a great deal of thought into the content and presentation of your email message, it is also essential that you choose the right subject line. Even the very best email can go unnoticed if it does not get opened by the recipient.

Make Your Email Marketing Content Relevant

Keep email content relevant to your marketing efforts. Constantly inundating recipients with unnecessary or irrelevant emails can damage your business credibility.

Choose the Best Timing for Your Emails

In order to make sure your email will be opened and viewed by the largest number of recipients, it is important to carefully consider the best time to send it. Finding the best timing for your email marketing efforts will require ongoing market testing. Whether emails are timed to arrive first thing in the morning or at the close of the business day, research will help you determine the best time to send emails for your particular market.

Build Trust

Targeted and personalized email marketing will help potential customers build trust and confidence in your business.

Don’t Let Your Email end up in a Spam Filter

Avoid exclamation marks and common words that will cause spam filters to banish your email to the junk folder. Words such as Free or Save Money are often triggers for junk mail software.


Convergent1 knows all the keys to a successful email marketing campaign and would be happy to help you with any of your marketing needs. Contact us today!

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